Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Hi everyone,

This update is available via the Testing branch on Steam.

To report issues, please open a new thread per bug in the Support category with a prefix of “Testing” (so we know you’re not referring to the live game).

Release Notes

Art + Animation + Assets:

  • Added experimental organic detail on character skin textures. This will not be released to Live.

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Forged Energy Restoration and Cleanse Bombs functionality have been rolled into Healing Bombs. This should make it a lot easier for players to craft healing bombs (less competing Boons in the Special Boon type and less Boon points required for the first tier), as well as reducing the need for healers to constantly swap bomb types mid battle.
  • At rank one, Healing bombs will restore health points to players, at rank two the bombs will restore health and energy. At rank three, they will recover health and stamina as well as cleanse players of debuffs.
  • Added new Forging tutorial Objectives. These should better introduce players to the Forging system and learning the mechanics involved.
  • Further Atlas refinements for resources so that the new gradient coloration is additionally consistently coloured so that you can directly compare one resource map against another and know that the “green area” of one has the same resource count as the “green area” on another which was not strictly true with the atlases in the last release that still did per-map contrast enhancement which skewed the reality somewhat.
  • Blocks that drop extra drops now also drop themselves.
  • Brews and Food now display their attributes and effect on a player.
  • Increased the damage on Gold tools to bring their DPS more into line with Silver and Iron Tools.

Creatures + Combat + Characters:

  • Reduced Cuttletrunk follow range. This should make it easier to escape from a persistent Cuttletrunk.
  • Slow-Mo Quirk no longer slows action speed, just movement speed.
  • Reworked cooldown to equalise Action Speed over all tools and weapons, allowing easier comparisons. The cool down periods should now be consistent and easier to understand.

Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:

  • We had a review of Feats in game, a few of them were not correctly working, some were far too hard and others were just not fun. So we have tweaked a few numbers and replaced some of the offending feats with ones which should be more enjoyable. Overall, players should be in a better place to complete more objectives after these changes.
    • Explorer player Warps used Feat replaced with fully exploring worlds Feat.
    • Removed “Unique Items Gathered” and “Loose Stone Gathered” Gatherer Feats and replaced them with Boulder and Fungus Gathering feats. Plants Feat will now count rare and common plants.
    • Removed Tax Avoided, Coin from Feats and Periodic Feats and replaced them with Selling Consumables, Selling Gear and Selling Items to Request Plinth Feats in the Trader Feats.
    • World Gatherer Survival Challenge I, will now allow players to collect any Starberry and Earthyam to complete the objectives.


  • The I, O, P, J, K, L keys now work while in another screen.
  • Added an animation to the health bar to show how long a creature will take to die once it has lost all health (due to network latency). You need to pay attention to a dangerous creature until the server says the creature is defeated.
  • Always show the health bar on active meteorites.
  • Added controller d-pad scrolling for emotes list.


  • Add reflections of the sky through portals, we continue not to support rendering the world in reflections through portals, but the sky/clouds/planets will at least now render so that portals do not look so horrific around water!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a long lived issue that could cause client crashes in particular circumstances surrounding portal transitions at ultra-low fps (<5fps, spikes included) whilst entities moved quickly across specific world boundaries in the server… sounds crazy (it is), it’s one of the more common client crashes that has been happening for a very long time but required a long time to investigate and track down.
  • Fixed issues where it was sometimes possible to close a screen with a popup still open.
  • Fixed chat and popup input boxes both receiving text at the same time.
  • Fixed delete character popup deleting the character if the player hits enter.
  • Fix for some controls in the settings screen not being localised.
  • Fix loading screens to open in fullscreen mode if fullscreen is enabled.
  • Fix not being able to square and bevel chisel various “dug-up” versions of blocks added from the last release (part of not having player placed blocks drop extra things when broken). Also fix these new blocks showing up in the World Builder when they should not.
  • Fix errors opening a prefab in World Builder about lighting paths.
  • Fix not being able to remove your own beacons that had expired/been-removed.
  • Fix for bombs not always damaging an entity that triggered it’s via a proximity explosion.
  • Fix for scrolling in the GUI with the controller right stick.
  • Fix world screen refreshing when a settlements prestige was updated.

Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.

  • Fist balance is broken due to the reworked cooldown.
  • Some localisations have not been updated to the latest set of strings.

Testing 200.1:

  • Reverted the experimental character skin details.
  • Added a new system to support time limited events.
  • Reduced the verbosity of a collection of server system logs.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix to allow signs on PS4 to span multiple lines.
  • Fixed a rare issue where player state could get reset returning to a world where the character serialisation reported a failure when it actually succeeded.
  • Fixed a collection of feat and forging objective descriptions to improve clarity.

World information tab for lvl 2 planet Seginiakai keeps closing
Server Downtime - 10:30 BST
Beacon expiration (incidentally a way to unplot all plots in one go was also found and fixed in 16/10/2018 patch :) )
Slow reload on Fist after the patch
Does the increased fast action boon on a forged golden fist work?


Thank you!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Beyond thrilled to see the changes to healing bombs. I have so many world regen and stam regen bombs and have never been able to make a healing bomb before.

Also, what reworked cooldown?


This one here


No nerfs is always good news. Also hopefully gold tools will finally be a viable option now between iron and titanium.


The nerfs will be announced later lol :rofl:


im a bit sad that there is no new content or new deco props :frowning:
but i think the devs want to make sure that there are no really evil bugs / gamebrakers anymore bevore new stuff is comming.

Fix world screen refreshing when a settle prestige was updated.

yay, that one was annoying to me!



woo! Lots of things on this list that I’ve seen requested over the last few weeks.
Great job devs!


Please no lmao


Yea well we didn’t know the bomb mining was nerfed by the patch notes till we saw what happened. So hopefully no nerfs.


Yea i watched that forum meltdown in real time lol. I dont think they’ll make a mistake that big two patches in a row lol.


Much nice stuff (gold tool changes, support bombs) on list but able to use those new tabs soon is great and better consumable data available on client :smile:


I don’t see them considering it a mistake. Because I don’t see a single thing in these patch notes showing that it is going to be fixed. Nothing in them says “grind remove” to me.


Solid patch, for sure.

I’d still like to see something done about the over-glossy refined metamorphic blocks. On Beckon, it doesn’t really matter what color you use because in the end, it’s largely determined by the color of the sky. I would somewhat expect a color accent of sorts on a higher tier planet with wackier atmospheres, but washing out the color almost entirely in an “earthlike” atmosphere is just unacceptable.

Come visit Unionville on Beckon during the day, and you’ll swear every refined metamorphic block I’ve used has some type of blue in it. It’s way too shiny, and becomes way too saturated with the atmosphere’s colors.

This was brought up at release as well, and it seemed like @vdragon was at the very least looking into it. Has any progress been made?


By mistake i meant them leavin it out of the initial patch notes


Don’t think them put it in would have stopped the meltdown. LOL


It’s weird but this might actually be the change I’m most looking forward to :slight_smile:


I hope this applies to entity healed too, since I’ve been using both types of bombs on my Grenadier build.


The nerfs get announced by the players after the patch is released and they find out what really changed.
Also, please be aware that sometimes the term “fixed” really means “nerfed”.
Worried about patch.