Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Is it likely 201 will have any new stuff? The 200 speculation thread got me excited. :confused:


I would honestly like to see nothing new added for another patch or maybe two. Let’s work out the bugs we have now before we throw more stuff in the game(:
This one looks promising.


201 I have already added few new items and props… But you will have to wait and see :zipper_mouth_face:


Well I guess that shut me up huh?:wink:


Thanks, appreciated! I like bug fixes and QoL but also am impatient for all the nice potential stuff and teases we’ve seen. :slight_smile:


Come visit Unionville on Beckon during the day, and you’ll swear every refined metamorphic block I’ve used has some type of blue in it. It’s way too shiny, and becomes way too saturated with the atmosphere’s colors.

yes this problem is on allmost all worlds my black and night azure temple thing was pink when the sun goes down, so i replaced all refined with normal stone.
but i actually like the reflection feature, its just a bit to much, and i think this kind of reflection that the refined meta stones currently have, should more be a thing for metallic stuff like alloy blocks and such.


I deal with the same thing. My workshop over in Palm springs on Tana 7, is completely 80% covered in refined black metamorphic rocks. If youre at a certain distance, all you see is one smooth surface and looks like a mirror. You dont even see the lines in the blocks. I think it’s cool to be honest, but yes he made a good point. I always wondered why my stairs (Black refined meta rocks) inside the shop would glow opaque blue sometimes. It perplexed me.


Oh… wow, the testing servers are the same ones from pre-launch?! lol kind of cool for nostalgia but all my stuff has regenerated ><

@Steggs101 Are these servers and player progress going to be stable? I might consider putting in the work to level and build up a workshop if it isn’t going to be wiped next test version… :thinking:

Guess i’ll be waiting for the live version to make a video hehe


We are trying to figure out what to do with the test servers. We cant replicate the entire universe (too expensive) anymore since it is just going to keep getting bigger! We do, however, need some way for users to quickly acquire resources so they can actually test the new features…


Would it be feasible to have new characters start at level 50 & have a bunch of useful items in their inventory? (all the machines, coils, and a bunch of gems, metals, tools, etc to get started)

That’d probably be more than enough to test with


Also infinite blocks toggle would be nice.


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I can confirm, I was going’to test, only to see I was level 8, stuck on a planet I didn’t have necessary resistances for, with no beacon, and no items.

So no testing. Haha.


Thank you Dev’s for the patch. We appreciate the always dedication to polishing and fixing.


Give us a few admin commands? Or perhaps have a community person on for half an hour each night while testing is active for a release giving out cap? Populate public storage with high level resources to enable fast levelling?


Stop the meltdown, lol. If they had been honest and said were about to murder bomb mining. We would have razed serp to mantel. My group would have probably run mining teams close to around the clock, to get as much as humanly possible. That would have been some great content.


I’ve got no qualms with the reflection feature either, in fact think it’d be a great addition to any block, as long as we’re allowed to determine which blocks have a reflective quality. In another thread I had suggested adding various types of resources (wax, resin, oil, leather to buff) to choose the type of look you wish to achieve. Maybe make it so only advanced decorative crafters can achieve such customization. This way, no matter what block you make, you could add a particular look to it. It seems with the addition of wax that they may be heading in that direction, who knows?

Regardless of that, I feel that specifically, the refined metamorphic block needs a serious do-over.


how will previously crafted energy, status effect and health bombs be affected?


Why not replicate pre-wipe world? With daily scheduled script putting oort in all portals?
Add a script to refill any shopstand with items which already has price set up + another to give each player 10k gold each day.
Should make rapid testing of any feature very quick…


Yes, most likely 5 hrs prior to release. 8)