Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


It’s perfect that they didn’t add new things. They have enough issues for being a 4 year old game as is they should give new items a rest and make the game run properly for a few updates and then start phasing new content back in. The cost of launching before it’s ready :frowning:


Thanks for listening! Look forward to seeing the changes.


and lo! many shop stand signs were rewritten that day.


Well, for any feature that isn’t a balance or game-pace changer…


What about the forge ingredient tool-tips ?
Are they getting their vigor and stability cost indications back ? :slight_smile:


Will there be any solution with water shifting in the future?


What do you mean?


Some games have had on test servers cheating merchants.
Maybe some developer store with infinite items or specific/strange feat to level up faster.


Fix Mastery points not improving damage pleeeeease, ie fist/grapple. I might cry


2nd this. Please fix the Mastery bonuses not applying.


How is this QoL at all? Most of this is bug fixes… or is that the definition of QoL now; a bug free game?


This should be fixed… being able to actually play.


Can anyone vouch for what the new damage on Gold tools is? I don’t have the test release.


Im having the same issue


Balance would work out cause we would just have to check staff that was changed. Only planet generation would be problem.
As for game peace, this would be hard to test in any scenario I can think of.


It would be good if this was optional. If there is any kind of low level progression changes it would be hard to test with a fully decked out level 50 character. But for the most part, a fully decked out level 50 character would be the most useful.

As long as this feature isn’t leaked out to the release version of the game you shouldn’t worry about letting the (test)player have a stupid amount of resources. Since it is for testing purposes, a serious tester would set their own limits to create a scenario.

You could for instance let the player push a button in the knowledge tab to gain some of that resource.

Edit: Just gonna tag @dave since I didn’t reply directly to him.


LOL, that’s funny since I keep getting healing type boons when I want regen bombs :smiley:


Can you guys please, please look into newlines in signs on PS4 for the next release?

I think it shouldn’t be a difficult fix, am assuming you guys use an API call on the PS4 to have the PS4’s text input window show up. That text input function does support newlines but you have to add a flag for it somewhere in the API call to allow it. Without it you can’t even copy/paste newlines into it eiter, or use a regular keyboard or use the mobile app for text entry to add a newline…

Having tiny text on my shopstands is currently preventing me from opening up a bigger shop…


Must sad i find this rather bland…the bug fixes are nice (but nothing to cheer for, i expect them), but for a “200 patch”, i expected more. However, this is naturally a little silly, but what i did fully expect was a change to resource spawn rate, regeneration speed or bomb mining or something to remove the “unfun” that is mining currently.


Those should still work, we left the code in to support them.