Server maintenance... Didn't get a warning


I know they can be kinda obnoxious at times but I was kinda surprised when someone else had to tell me there would be server maintenance!

I didn’t get a popup once!

Could it have anything to do with disable tips? Or is this new?


I got kicked off as well. It scared me for a moment.


Well I knew because a friend told me, at first I didn’t understand him, I said I was going to continue building and he replied with “for 20 minutes” and I didn’t get it!

Also, a forum post that it’s going to happen and what for and if we need to update the client, blabla, would be kinda helpful


I got kicked without warning too.
so playing Subnautica instead!


Back on, my tips are turned off too but got the warning, but only 25 mins before though!


Weird, wonder what they did tho…


I got the repeated warnings from about 25 mins out


I am just glad the Devs are on top of things. I appreciate their dedication.


Are you a dev in disguise :wink:


Its was a server patch for the crash that hit Circarpous at the weekend.


The game should have displayed a maintenance warning on screen, but if you didn’t see it on screen, it might indicate a possible bug. Do you remember seeing previous warning messages before this minor update?


For what its worth, I have tips disabled and the server maintenance warning showed up for me as usual, so it seems unlikely that this would be the cause at least on PC.

(Tho I only saw it up to the 5 minutes warning, then I logged off :P)


I saw the warning when it said 20 minutes.


Yea I didn’t get one either this isn’t the first that this has happened to me either


Normally I always see them yes, first time I didn’t


Did you have your chat windows expanded?


I don’t think I did. I don’t remember. Probably not tho since I was mining.


I rarely do that. You mean double length chat window?

I am sure I didn’t, besides, had been doing all kinds of things besides chatting and didn’t see the messages…


And yet again, I was thrown out of the servers without prior warning…



noticed a warning 15 mins out