Server Maintenance Thursday 23rd at 09:30 UTC

Looking forward to exploring the changes :slight_smile:


Important to note here, if you have any unbeaconed paths or roads here near high population settlements, these will probably be regenerated unless you place a beacon on them! I know I have a few on Berlyn…


Awesome! Will we have any information on the new resource distribution?


Thanks for making this game better and for your hard work!


Sounds Awesome! Guess I shouldn’t Post my “How to Find Rare Resources” Video untill we see the changes lol


You will, either in the builds release notes or I may start a new discussion for feedback.


is this the reason i cant portal to my beacon when i first start the game?

Yes, Sanctum is local to your computer. As there servers are currently down you won’t be able to portal to the game worlds

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thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile: ill just have to wait till this evening to play i guess.

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My sheet of explored resources needs to be wiped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha the sapphire mine I was using is now empty (of sapphires at least) :stuck_out_tongue:

same for my topaz mine, I knew that would happen :smiley:

Haha no sign of a single gem yet but gold and Titanium in spades!

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really? Wow, I haven’t found yet, or atleast haven’t looked for. Any obvious locations or still in mountains or caves underground?

Caves underground, deep deep :slight_smile:

Loads of it, love it, shame about the gems though :stuck_out_tongue:

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makes sense to find them deep deep, gems is where it should get harder, I agree on that imo. The fact that gems were more abundant than gold/titanium never made sense to me. Now gems would have more value :smiley:


The update in complete.

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