Server Maintenance Thursday 23rd at 09:30 UTC


Thursday 23rd March at 09:30 UTC (see the time in your timezone) we will be bringing the Boundless game servers down for maintenance, it is expected to last about six hours.

During this time the game and world builder will not be available for play.

This maintenance is mostly backend work, we are migrating the way the game is stored, hence the long down time. But we have adjusted the way that raw materials are distributed, therefore during this maintenance we will be forcing resource regeneration to apply these changes. This change will have no affect any areas that are currently beaconed, so when the servers come back up, all your beloved builds will remain intact.


Looking forward to exploring the changes :slight_smile:


Important to note here, if you have any unbeaconed paths or roads here near high population settlements, these will probably be regenerated unless you place a beacon on them! I know I have a few on Berlyn…


Awesome! Will we have any information on the new resource distribution?


Thanks for making this game better and for your hard work!


Sounds Awesome! Guess I shouldn’t Post my “How to Find Rare Resources” Video untill we see the changes lol


You will, either in the builds release notes or I may start a new discussion for feedback.


is this the reason i cant portal to my beacon when i first start the game?

Yes, Sanctum is local to your computer. As there servers are currently down you won’t be able to portal to the game worlds

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thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile: ill just have to wait till this evening to play i guess.

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My sheet of explored resources needs to be wiped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha the sapphire mine I was using is now empty (of sapphires at least) :stuck_out_tongue:

same for my topaz mine, I knew that would happen :smiley:

Haha no sign of a single gem yet but gold and Titanium in spades!

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really? Wow, I haven’t found yet, or atleast haven’t looked for. Any obvious locations or still in mountains or caves underground?

Caves underground, deep deep :slight_smile:

Loads of it, love it, shame about the gems though :stuck_out_tongue:

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makes sense to find them deep deep, gems is where it should get harder, I agree on that imo. The fact that gems were more abundant than gold/titanium never made sense to me. Now gems would have more value :smiley:


The update in complete.

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