Where I can find resources? Let's create statistic together!

Dear Oorthers!

Question about resource searching is a very hot. To resolve this problem and make it look easier, I suggest you all to take part in statistic research. I created google.form for this aim. Please, look it and give answers about your discovered resources. It’s not so complex.

I’m sorry what this form not a very userfriendly. Now you can give only one set of coordinates in one time, and you need to input username and world every time repeatedly. I want to make it more comfortable, but I don’t know how to do it. If you have any practical advises, I’ll glad to listen your opinion.

Result table now is in progress and I’ll publish it very soon. It will contain separated results for worlds and resource kinds.

Let’s start together!


I think @Stretchious site boundlesscrafting.com already has many informations. Just the gems are missing.

I think we could collect the informations here in the forum topic and Stretchious may add the gems to his site.

What I know:
Vulpto = Ruby
Munteen VII = Amethyst


i havent seen the amethyst yet :open_mouth: @DarthNott\

but i can tell you that you ‘‘can’’ find sapphire on nasharil i believe, whichever has the purple graveyards/decorative blocks and green clay

if im incorrect (ill check later) ill come edit the post

It’s an important information, but my idea isn’t cross with boundlesscrafting.

I have some information about resource distribution - thanks @Nevir for hint:

The information below:

[details=Coals]## Soft Coal
Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 5-8-30-255
Distance: 5-8-30-255
Surface: flora
Size: 5-18


Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 20-30-50-255
Distance: 10-20-50-255
Surface: flora
Size: 5-20

Hard Coal

Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 40-60-160-255
Distance: 20-30-160-255
Surface: flora
Size: 5-15 [/details]

[details=Fossils]## Small
Altitude: 0-50-100
Depth: 20-30-80-255
Distance: 5-8-80-255
Surface: sand, rock
Size: 1


Altitude: 0-50-75
Depth: 30-50-100-255
Distance: 10-20-100-255
Surface: sand, rock
Size: 1


Altitude: 0-50
Depth: 50-70-160-255
Distance: 20-30-160-255
Surface: sand, rock
Size: 1[/details]

[details=Ancient Tech]## Fragment
Altitude: 50-80-255
Depth: 5-8-50-255
Distance: 5-8-50-255
Surface: corruption, ice
Size: 1


Altitude: 50-80-255
Depth: 10-20-100-255
Distance: 10-20-100-255
Surface: corruption, ice
Size: 1


Altitude: 50-80-255
Depth: 20-100-255
Distance: 20-30-255
Surface: corruption, ice
Size: 1[/details]

[details=Metals]## Copper
Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 5-10-50-100
Distance: 5-10-50-100
Surface: grass, dirt
Size: 5-15


Altitude: 0-155-255
Depth: 10-15-60-100
Distance: 8-15-60-100
Surface: rock, dirt
Size: 5-15


Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 15-40-80-180
Distance: 10-20-80-180
Surface: dirt
Size: 5-15


Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 30-50-130-200
Distance: 15-25-130-200
Surface: sand, dirt
Size: 5-15


Altitude: 0-100-255
Depth: 50-80-255
Distance: 20-30-255
Surface: flower, grass
Size: 5-15[/details]

[details=Gems]## Gems
Altitude: 0-255
Depth: 50-100-255
Distance: 20-30-255
Surface: flora
Size: 3-10[/details]

However, this information can be actual and can be not actual for two reasons. It is taken from file by client side and this file can not affects on server side. And rules can be changed since the file was created.

So I try to go realistic way: if community will accurately fill data about “where we discovered titan”, we will approximate the laws of resources distribution. Ollie has full information about “what&where”, but we hasn’t.
If someone of Wonderstruck will publish gamedata, it will be like a great cheat for us. But soul of exploring will be killed on that way. So, it’s a third reason to not believe to information above.

In form is two pages, it’s not only “ruby on Vulpto”. It’s more about “where the search of gold will be more effective”.

Tomorrow I’ll make an instruction to use this form.


On Vulpto, you can find tons of silver, gold, titanium and rubies. Just look for high mountains biome and dig your way to the nearest cave.
I would like to know where topaz can be found?

Here is the result table sheet with diagrams about each world and each resource:

Do the log files report item drops into the inventory? If they do it would be fairly simple to create a something to monitor logs and upload the results

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It could be very helpful, but I not found any coordinates in “\AppData\Local\Turbulenz\Boundless” files

Hmm, hopefully at release the log files will be more geared towards player info rather than strictly debug, but would definitely be great to do this once that happens.

How can I participate in this project?

The aim is clear: remember the coordinates of any resource you discovered, fill the form and enjoy.

1. Find a resource and its coordinates

2. Note the coordinates

3. Find the surface, if you can

4. Fill the form

5. Profit!

Table sheet with results is always easy to access for everyone. It contain mass of diagramms like a function of amount by altitude, point map of every discovered resources for each world and etc. I believe it will be very informative when everyoune will note his discoveries to data.

Good luck in searches!

two things, this is more work than i think its worth, and im not telling you where i find my goodies lol

the more readily this information is available the less readily resources will be available as the game becomes more populated. you will see players huddling together fighting over the same areas because it meets this criteria.

i really hope for better resource and block distribution logic so that we can look for terraformations and know ahead of time if that is somewhere we can find x object.

such as x gem only found near water in x soil type, and not x item found in any surface as long as its x deep and x altitude where the surface you end up digging through is a patchwork amalgamation of block types

if they can fix that to be less random, i think that would do a lot for the way the worlds look, give more relevance to biomes and give a special knowledge / expertise in knowing the geologic conditions that favor different resources/blocktypes.

Looks like I did too much work



It’s very cool! Keep it up :wink:

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A question I have about putting ore info

What way should I do when putting ore info? one by one or grouped? I seen small fossils and tech frags scrambled all over the place

Incase you have no idea what i’m talking here’s a image

One by one


Fossils and Techs are single resources, and they must be taken into account one by one. However it’s a good idea add the amount of resource and use this amount as a weight coefficient. It’s not easy, and I’ll think about.

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Where the lithotrophs lives?

We are already have 420+ entries. Thanks @BunnyNabbit on Vulpto!

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not really as resources dont respawn on the same spot,personally i like the slight randomness in the respawn,stops the exact issue of ppl camping spots to farm x resource.


When is the list going to be wiped? I have some screenshots of ore with the debug menu on when the new update has came and i’m ready for that wipe :smiley:

It’s amazing how Athelas also known as Kingsfoil can be found nearly everywhere in Middle-Earth while it has such amazing healing properties and yet most people have forgotten about it.


It’s done =)
I make it manually, here isn’t any reason to worry about :wink:

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