Server Maintenance Tuesday 24th starting at 07:30 UTC [Completed]


I plan to run some rolling server maintenance tomorrow morning, this is some scheduled work to change the configuration of some of our server hardware and the way in which we deploy and manage the Boundless universe.
I’ll need to update all the worlds across all regions however they can be done by region so you’ll see all the worlds in a specific region disappear at the same time, during that time you can continue playing on worlds in other regions. I’m hopeful each phase of downtime should only be around 15 mins.

I’ll update this post as I start and finish each group of worlds so if you see a world go offline you can check here to see if it’s intended.

Edit 1 - Starting now with the worlds running in the us west region Elopor, Berlyn and Nasharil
Edit 2 - us west worlds back online, found a couple of minor issues so it took a bit longer, the rest should be quicker, moving onto the worlds in the Australian region now
Edit 3 - Australian worlds back online, moving on to us east
Edit 4 - us east complete, last but not least moving on to the eu central worlds
Edit 5 - everything should now be back online


Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

Will there be any performance changes? Or is it just a matter of convenience?


No there shouldn’t really be any changes noticable to the players, the only change that is visible is a few of the dns names and ports the servers listens on have changed.
The bulk of the changes are related to allowing us to more easily script the management of the universe i.e. simplifying the process of monitoring, adding and removing physical servers, assigning worlds to run on those servers etc. This allows us to properly scale the universe up to many many more worlds leading up to and beyond the full launch of the game.


@blake but the question everyone’s dying to know in regards to new planets is… when? :smiley:


@blake With the game being pre-alpha and stuff, and were backers, is it okay to give us tentative dates for the next big update and server wipes? We are supportive. I understand the challenge is different when the game is live and you have surprises for a live audience.

Also thank you guys so much for being just that, a supportive and hard working dev team. Thank you so much for caring about this game as much as we love it. AND for putting up with negativity along with the good.


:crazy_face: :clap::star_struck:


Still cant log in :frowning:


Can you share your game log, as far as I can tell everything is running as it should


Like that?


Yep that’s it, unfortunately it’s not showing me what’s wrong yet, can you try opening this link in a web browser and tell me if you get the text “Boundless Discovery Server” or not?


Yes, I get it.


Do you have any antivirus software running, if so is it possible to temporarily disable it or whitelist boundless, it seems a bit like something on your machine may be blocking the game from making requests but letting the browser through.


I use standard Windows Defender, nothing special. I\ll add Boundless to brandmauer permission list then.
Its already done(