Settlement Chat

I’ve seen it suggested of finding new ways for people to be able to communicate in game and I remember somewhere once upon a time it being said there should be a settlement chat.

I would personally think this would help make having a huge city actually a benefit and there being perks to connecting up to a major city.

EDIT: I’m picturing that if your beacon is connected to a Settlement i.e. if I’m attached by plots to the beautiful city of Kindred Bay- I think there should be an instant chat, one that would work like /shout but instead type /city and have my message be able to be heard inside of any plots attached to that settlement.


Isn’t that kinda what guild chat falls under? Or do you mean people not in the “guild” but residents of the settlement?

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I think he means residents of the settlement.

Plus guild chat are of the slow chat type, can take ages before it arrives if at all, a settlement chat can basically be a group whisper chat, ie. instant!


Yeah I suppose lemme be a bit more specific- I’ll edit the original post :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea we definitely need this. It limits the desire to expand when you can’t even chat with your whole city. Guild chat is way too slow


This would be a huge improvement to game chat. I see a ton of half-conversations and one of the worst things about the shouting range is not knowing if you’re in range or not. Settlement chat would not only increase the range but would set a clear boundary. That’s a twofer.

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I just wanna make sure it’s really possible honestly- i don’t know about you guys but i’d have them drop the “universal channel” if they needed to just clear the space to make this work. I don’t ever use that and i feel like this would actually improve city life for all the players

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I’m glad to see some of the changes made to chat but I personally think the world chat is going to very quickly have some toxicity issues that might be a negative draw for new players on the game unless we very quickly have moderation over those channels at all times.

I am soooooooo happy about the changes to chat! It may not be perfect, but seriously, I believe the communication is going to be game-changing.

That being said, it’s amazing how broken it was. WOW! What a back log!

Anyway, I have to be honest I was slightly disappointed about the new update, but once I saw the changes to chat I felt so much better. That was a very needed QoL update…



the back-log is mostly there because the way the client tracks what messages are new/unread has completely changed, and ultimately means that the first login after changes (and also as it stands, changing between live/testing/creative-mode…) has to consider “all” messages as new ones [ in the case of universe channels and guild channels which are not specific to your character it wont do this however, but for notifications/pms it will ]

(but also yes, it was pretty broken… often skipping new messages out entirely if you had more than a small number of channels available until you restarted the game and manually scrolled back and such…)

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I agree new chat is a game changer. Well done guys.

Settlement chat would be nice. Perhaps add loudspeaker blocks that can be guild aligned or something?

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