[Suggestions] Regarding In-game chat

Wanted to make this a separate thread to being attention a few other suggestions I have regarding general chat.

James mentioned hes adding an option to disable channel pings from “all”, but theres a few other suggestions I’d like to see implemented.

1.) Currently when you log into game, the defualt channel is “world”.


I would like to see an option to set what the defualt channel is, specifically so I can set the defualt channel to “all”

2.) A 4th Global chat, titled “General Chat” - this is so we dont have to resort to using “questions-and-help” channel for general chat

3.) An option to have the chat box appear permanently on the bottom left corner without having to first click on it, as well as having it update ~every 10s as opposed to every 10 minutes when this option is selected.

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IMO #1 is critical. People try the chat a couple times, but don’t set their filter to all every time they log in, then people stop seeing the chat. Since most people don’t see the chat, other people who were diligent on login to set their filter also stop using chat. Saving the last filter chosen needs to happen for in-game chat to be viable. Why chat if nobody is going to see it?

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I totally agree with this!

What I also would like to see changed is the gazillion repeated notifications that my alts get. I really do not see the use of that at all. Or if anyone does see a use for it (like a family sharing an account) perhaps it can be an account setting as well.

Also the guild chats, I really do not want to see the repeated channels for every alt I have which makes that list unbearably long!


That’s another thing too, if you have multiple characters in multiple factions in a guild it gives the option to chat in every single one of them.

I believe each guild should only have 1 chat - the main chat, to keep it simple, in order to cut down the number of channels you can speak with.


have the heads clickable, so they can take me straight to where it happened

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I’d like to also once again submit the idea to change up and add a Settlement Chat:

[Settlement Chat]