Settlement on Lapas - US East

i lived in a nice area in lapas for a while and dont see so much people around so i thought i would do as smoothy did make a settlement. i think there need to be more towns/settlements so we can expand the community and make players meet

the rules will be the same as the other settlement have keep your house kinda small to let as much players live there.

the cordinates are 458.98 66.90 -794.46

here is a beutiful road made by @Jenndragonfly to the settlement if you dont wanna navigate wiht cords just go here and follow road

here are some pictures of the area


a good picture of the town hall

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I think its a good idea, especially for new players looking to settle down somewhere judging by how many people come online at any given time, I expect that it will take a little while to attract new players to Lapas considering how big the settlement in Gortnen has become, however it is a US East server so I may build a home away from home in that area, it is a nice spot.

yay i think you will like it there too it looks so nice there

great idea! I have a road built from the market place to my house on Lapas We can make a little town there too :smiley:

we got our self a new building and who can this belong too

can you post a screen shot of the house then il find the house and il be your neigh bour

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Here are the coords for my house - and a pic of the road leading to it :slight_smile: Hope to have a neighbor!! there are a couple houses near me, but the players havent been on in ages!


alright il build a house straight away

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New critters!! A weird flying jellyfish-bird? cool! At first I was like, What was that?!? LOL

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im on my way just suck at navigating lol

how do you get so big beacons it covers so much

I built the hut, got a shot of the site as well. :smiley:

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well i like the hut hope to see you there soon some time

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Yea im off to go grocery shopping then back working on the capital tree

will you also build a house at the settlement

yea i will :smiley: where abouts is the settlement? is it near the capital?

this is the cordinates 458.98 66.90 -794.46 it is actully preatty far away me and larok is there right now inmodulation just left hope you will find your way

nice almost the whole settlement lined up for a picture and look some new buildings


looks like one more has joined the lapas settlement it is @Jenndragonfly