Where are the People?

Hi ! =)
I bought the game today and went online on a few worlds, but then recognized that there were no other players. Could someone tell me on which world i should go ?

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Due to the early alpha status of Boundless the servers are relatively empty so you only encounter other players very rarely.
If you want to build with others lapas might be worth a shot.

PS: Please consider using the search function in the future :wink:


okay i will look around at lapas
thank you =)

You´ll maybe still not be able to find someone. Either due to the different timezones (lapas is an US server) or because many people are waiting for the new worlds that will come with the next update. I´m sure you´ll see a lot more people once the new worlds go online.

You can open the debug window by pressing “.” several times. This will show you how many players are currently online on your world, this allows you to quickly check if anybody is online.

If you manage to find someone you can chat by using “t”. (the chat is not global though, so only players that are near you can read what you write)

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ah okay thank you =) and uhm when will the update be released? Do you know that ?

We would all like to know that but it should be soon. It seems they’re just finishing up the port from to C++.

Well i was talking on Facebook with one of the Boundless guys and asked him when there will be a patch to stabalize things and the answer was this:

We are planning to release a big update in May /June. Maybe you can wait until then or July when the new version has stabalized?

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Wait what? With a dev? What was their first name? Can you take a screenshot of this as a source?

Seems weird to ask you to wait until July since James previously said this:

and Ben has said this:

Well james didn’t indicate anything about how complete the port is or when the update will be. Just the frequency of updates for the c++ version

Ben said nearly which could be tomorrow or in some weeks.

But may and june still sound too far away and altough it might be true that it takes some time until the c++ version is stable enough to fully replace the current version, I doubt that it’ll take 3-4 months.
But who knows, screenshots would clearly help^^

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I was trying to point out more the fact that there’s been things said what was said. They tend not to speak if there’s nothing to announce. The fact that Ben actually said they’re nearly out of the C++ valley definitely makes me think it’s not going to take another 4 months, otherwise i doubt he’d have said anything other than “we’re still working on it”. Not “we’re nearly done”.

Disclaimer: I’m agreeing with you, just defending myself.


I don’t really know what the C++ Update should be could someone tell me that?
That was the whole conversation on Facebook from yesterday:

I / ME
Hey „smile“-Emoticon
do you have a release date for the game? If not maybe you could tell me the quarter it will be released. I cant wait to play it on the ps4 „grin“-Emoticon
03.03.2016 13:50
We are hoping to release the PS4 version this year but it is proving to be difficult „frown“-Emoticon but we do have a PS4 version running in-house „wink“-Emoticon
I / ME
Maybe i will buy the early access for pc. Is it quite stable and lagfree? and do you have a link for the pc requirements „smile“-Emoticon
03.03.2016 14:00
It is early access so it could become unstable and at times laggy. Right now it is okay. Intel Core i5 @ 2Ghz (or equivalent)
Recent, dedicated, Direct3D 11 capable video card
Windows 10
We are planning to release a big update in May /June. Maybe you can wait until then or July when the new version has stabalized?

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Interesting, seems genuine although screenshots would have been better^^

About C++, they are working furiously at a port from the current game, which is written Java/Javascript I believe, to a hopefully much faster version written in C++.


I know, but i dont wanna to screenshot my facebook acc :smiley: you can trust me that was the conversation hihi :smiley:
I was online and suddenly got infinite resources. Was funny but laggy and still no one online :smiley:

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I wouldn’t take it as any sort of proof or any reliability unless i have clear photoevidence.

Not that i blame you of lying. just pointing it out.


Agreed, with photoshop or paint or something it’s quite easy to block out the private details.


Your Welcome =)


Nice catch

@ben y u start doing private leaks!

What part is the leak, exactly? I thought all of that was common knowledge.

No we all thought it would take less time for the C++ update to come out.

Is the update our now? I am ready to play again!