Share your Halloween screenshots here


Hi folks,

With the Halloween drops starting in just over an hour’s time, we’re all super excited to see what you all do with the new in-game goodies .

I’m sure you’ll be sharing things far and wide, but to make sure we don’t miss anything, let’s use this thread as a place to share our best screenshots. We’ll be checking in regularly and sharing our favourites on social media, so don’t be shy!

Whether you’ve got a particularly spooky landscape to share, an awesome build incorporating the new lanterns, or are rocking your Halloween mask, we want to see it.

Cheers everyone, enjoy the event!



Thanks @SamF!

A quick suggestion for next years Halloween; headless Spitters. Get your art team on it.


Would like to see Pumpkin Hoppers too, they are creepy enough but that would really make them off the creepy scale.


Amazing. Looking forward to this muchly. Just wondering, should I be logged off of the game beforehand or will the drops just be applied via timer that is already underway? :green_heart:


Good question! I think I’ll be restarting the game anyway juuuust in case. :wink:


But what about headless Hunters? That’s the real super creep!


Excellent thinking @Havok40k! Headless Hunters just don’t arouse me appeal to me the same as headless Spitters.


Something about that statement unsettled me just a bit, I can’t quite put my finger on it…


Nothing to see here. Just some crazy axe man running through the desert collecting seeds.


so nice… wish i could play too… gonna sit at work for 3 more hours :sob:


Such beautiful colors for lights! Small radiance area though…

Upper left is Mustard Pumpkin, then Green Pumpkin on the right and Light Lilac Skull


I’m gonna do a psa here and ask what colours of pumpkins and skulls people are looking forward to most? That way those selling can give us max of the spooky goodness we want!

(Personally can’t wait to try a black stone skull hehe)


Im glad you posted this because now i know If i want to use these to light my build i’ll need more.

Also if anyone tries out the black light please post for the rest of us to see since im at work :confused:

Good opportunity for someone to start a seasonal museum to display all colors :eyes: ooo footfall


all the plants give spooky seeds?


Only Trumpet Root, Rosetta Nox and Oortanian’s Staff


What an awesome screenshot!! I love how the clouds/smoke in the background and the overall atmosphere/tone match the Halloween theme so perfectly!! :star_struck:


thank you very much!^^


Infinity City is looking InfiniSpooky!