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Here’s a spooky tree


Polis Shop


Tip: If you’re using green foliage for your Pumpkins. Make sure it’s actually ‘Green’. While some Foliage looks green to the eye, they might be ‘Yellow’ in the tip that pops up when you hover over it. I learned this when making my first batch of pumpkins when they turned out having natural looking candle light when I wanted green. I double checked the foliage description and yes, you guessed it. They weren’t green at all lol.


That tree is awesome… was trading with b2g (possible name fail) a few days ago and ran past as he was leading me to his settlement and i just stopped to stare. Luckily they were paitient… haha


Night fog :smiley:


I really like how they used Skulls and Pumpkins in the Fantasy Tree at The Etherian Woods.
Btw. a very nice themed Settlement.