Share your Halloween screenshots here


no-one rotating the skulls yet then :no_mouth:


:thinking: Sounds like a suggestion…



Dat upside down flame tho



I can just hear Oprah’s voice “you get a pumpkin! You get a pumpkin! You all get a pumpkin!”



Some great stuff coming in on this thread guys, really glad to see everyone getting into the Halloween festivities!



What would you say is the most striking red?



you working on a evil forge setup :smile:


@Pseudonym84 is known to scare more than just children…:sweat_smile:


It’s… beautiful :heart_eyes:

The funniest part is, I had no idea you were doing this. Makes me want to make this a regular thing. Maybe we should do a Boundless comic strip? - and by ‘we’, I mean you…


One of the builds in Halloween Town.
Another build in Halloween Town.


Spirit Of The Season Exhibit (Halloween) - Featuring demon baby pumpkins bursting from their pappa pumpkin host.


Just bit of decoration for any trick-or-treaters.


How do you change color of the skull lanterns?

and my trippy wall art.


Use different color stone for the skulls and different color foliage for the pumpkin.


hmm, i did a couple, i never saw a real difference, so i thought it didn’t work. will try more variety i guess.


It is hard to tell a difference in lighted areas because they only have a radius of 1m(or block)