Shimmering Orb Not Regenerating

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I went to forage for Shimemring Orb just now and discovered that there have less Glow Cap available than before.

I have a personal database here that shows percentage of resources for planets, and this is what I found comparing the percentage shimmering orb of the second day after these planet were available and the percentage today.

HOUCHOS I 1.03 | 0.29
NOKYNA I 0.96 I 0.24
GALAN I 0.56 I 0.15
KOL HUROO I 0.29 I 0.19
BERSEVRONA | 0.39 | 0.06

I was wandering if the Dev already know this issue. They do have regeneration statistic and graph after all.

This could be a problem but why not use serenity’s farm via ultima hub on shedu? I get about 200 in 15min

Yeah, I noticed this when I went hunting for them yesterday. To be fair I think the percentages needed to be reduced, it was far too easy to gather them on the new planets IMO.

I never used the new planets. But in the time it takes my speed brew to vanish I get 180-230 orbs using the farm on shedu. I don’t know why anyone would even bother trying to farm on a new planet when there’s already a safe farm built on shedu

Partly the experience of exploring. Going to a cube room to mechanically grind is boring and feels a little like gaming the system, though I understand why people do it. I feel the same about the gleam rooms. What’s the point in having all these varied planets if you just portal into a small room, grind for a while, then portal out?


I explore when I go looking for road runners. I don’t see a point of risking my death for a few orbs. My gathering set up isn’t designed to take a beating from random mobs.

Edit: Also I don’t get orbs for myself I do it to make quick coin. So I’d rather go to that room and get more than enough in 15 min to grab all the coin from a request basket or two

Neither is mine, I’ve set him up with shadow effect and a fast running speed.

This is definitely concerning.
seems like once again the supposedly more rare shadow orbs are more plentiful than shimmering orbs…


We need to have these spawn either in more places or more frequency.

Yes this needs looking at I think - are new worlds regenerating as they should? For reference, here is my post just after Flan launched: Shimmering orbs

Then - 1.37% Shimmering Orbs / 2.85% Glowing Lamella
Now - 0.19% Shimmering Orbs / 0.40% Glowing Lamella.

Screenshot of now for reference:

@vdragon - any chance you can re-open the old issue with these screenshots for us? Maybe that’ll prompt a check on regen working as expected.

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I was wondering about this over the weekend, but for Ruby, as the highest I saw was like %.09 among all worlds that spawned it.

I’ll have to check with the designers on this to see if anything has changed.

Thank you! It’d be good to know if this is intended behaviour, it’s quite a big drop. I did wonder if addition of event items even if hidden might affect all other %s?

Don’t those % change as things are harvested?

Is this a case of no one had harvested much because the planets were brand new and now they’re constantly harvested. So the % will never he that high again?

I thought they were intended to be at least roughly the same, maybe a small % missing for regen turnover. I assumed lowering % over time wasn’t intended.

@vdragon please confirm if the % changes as things are harvested.

I gotta bring this up again, because I’m out looking for glowing lamella and these regeneration rate has not been fixed. Can any developer at least look into this after the Guild update?

Look at this atlas and the state of glowing lamella. This is ridiculous, Houchos I used to be a lush mushroom harvest ground.

As surface plots are claimed the resources will no longer respawn there. This contributes to the resource percentages lowering.

I will point out that there are regions of large grassy area available and unclaimed. I am certain that plots claimed is a minuscule contribution to this phenomenon.

I think the devs are always “adjusting” things.