Shimmering orbs


So i have tried all over Besevrona and nothing shows up on the heat map. where are people getting these? Are they all farmed out? This and sweet bean seems ridiculously hard to get? was the number of resources increased when this game went into full release?

this is really hurting my desire to play the game. i REALLY want to get into centraforging but wow so many recipes takes these and im lucky if i can find 4 in an hour. please help if i am doing something wrong and please devs reconsider resource spawn rates to go along with your new player base not the old number from beta/early access.

even spending an entire day playing this game i find i only have time to do 2 or 3 things and that doesnt feel right


Centraforge is really, really super end-game, if you aren’t level 50 I wouldn’t even bother given how many resources you need.

It takes dozens and dozens of of the ingredients, it isn’t like you need 1 of each to make somethin, because each “boon” has 10 possible levels, so with only a few ingredients you’d likely end up with a very weak, and barely noticeable effect.

If you’ve got a character with max stats for the centraforge, you CAN make stuff, but it’ll be weak buffs.

The resource fix is probably soon this week when the server fix goes out, maybe tomorrow. All the end-game players are farming shimmering orbs, but with max luck you can get them from growth.


what is the best planet for growth?


Delta Cancret has growth based on what someone said in discord but I don’t know if it’s best.


ill check it out thanks :slight_smile: this community is so great about helping out us new people <3


Yeah, Concrete “was” a great place for it, there’s an entire biome of the funguses: growth and mould. Dunno how well its held up with the resource issues tho.


Its easily besevrona, I just farm it all up.


Find big growth field on Delta Cancret, gather it so much as possible, carry to any Placid World and work it into Orbs by place&dig strategy :wink:


it is :slight_smile: :smiley: epic community in the game


Confirming Delta got farmed out. There were a couple of guys on discord bragging about they farmed it . It doesn’t take much


There is growth on Shedu Tier too if you need.


Disagree. Centraforge right now is so hard not because its end game but because plant regeneration is broken.

Same with teaching food and few other things.

Centraforge actually can be use effectively before you have gems and can be a big help in mining them.

Edit: mostly because reactive lamella is not common anymore or higher end worlds.


This was not how it was sold by devs when I took issue with the resource cost and new progression when base gem tools were nerfed.

It is similar to but worse than how Fibrous Leaves were before they were sorted and needs a look. Taking data from we can see the Shimmering Orb is used in 37 recipes currently:

Bucket of Fortified Water
Bucket of Fortified Milk
Enriched Bonding Agent
Pure Boon Compound 3
Imperfect Boon Compound 3
Unstable Boon Compound 3
Draining Boon Compound 2
Corrupted Boon Compound 2
Defect Reduction Compound 2
Unstable Defect Reduction Compound 2
Quirk Reduction Compound 2
Imperfect Quirk Reduction Compound 2
Protection Paste 2
Boon Boost Paste 2
Defect Guard Paste 2
Quirk Guard Paste 2
Invigoration Paste 1
Stabilisation Paste 1
Fate Paste 2
Fate Reversal Paste
Gambling Paste 2
Defect Reversal Catalyst
Vigour Catalyst 1
Vigour Catalyst 2
Boon Boost Catalyst
Boon Points Catalyst 1
Boon Points Catalyst 2
Boon Removal Solvent 1
Boon Removal Solvent 2
Defect Removal Solvent 1
Defect Removal Solvent 2
Quirk Removal Solvent 1
Quirk Removal Solvent 2
Boon Transmute Solvent
Defect Transmute Solvent
Quirk Transmute Solvent
Deconstruction Resin 3

The current market value from my limited sample set is: rarely - under 200c, commonly - 201-300c, often - 300-500c+, rarely - 501c+

This presents a similar problem to that of fibrous leaves and highlighted by another player that one ingredient cost is making a large part of the cost of many recipes. This was addressed by reducing recipe costs and making the resource more available. I would argue the same is now required for Shimmering Orbs.

The fact that people are mindlessly grinding Growth blocks for a slim chance should be a red flag, aside from any other consideration.

By comparison, another commonly complained about bottleneck of Fibrous Leaves (whether its still justified or not…) features in this many recipes:

Gum Base

It’s refined variant, Sackcloth, features in 34 recipes.

The difference is Fibrous Leaves are now much more readily available. I consider myself a fairly well advanced solo player for the progression since 1.0 launch and I find myself looking at the shops of obviously well-resourced players, much moreso than myself, and their request baskets still offer high prices for Shimmering Orbs compared to most other crafting ingredients.

Combined with resource scarcity due to the regen bug and high demand on a fairly low number of planets it is an unhappy bottleneck. Please let’s address it.

Also Reactive Lamella while you’re at it (though I would hope the regen fix has a more profound impact on this as it’s far less abundant in recipe demands).


The best biomes for the glowing mushroom you need are graveyards, and a couple of the light forest types (not the dense pink forest).

Graveyards also have some gleam, bricks, and growth, none in great quantities, but if you break some blocks you can trigger regen for the next time you come by.

Stay away from deserts, glaciers, ice bergs, and the floating gleam-mushroom things, those biomes seem to be the worst for our glowing mushroom.

I’m hopeful like anyone else that we will get a fix to the regen issue this week, but the latency issue is a far more serious problem and it is sticking around. I can’t imagine we will see resource regen fixed before the server load issues are addressed.

ETA: you can also try adding glowing lamella to the atlas. These mushrooms are rare enough that you Probably won’t see any hot spots, but the lamella seems to detect the mushrooms better than the orbs themselves, as is the case with reactive lamella and vital orbs.


Does Growth drop shimmering orbs?


yes, like 1 in 16 if I remember correctly.


Is that with max luck? Or just base of 0


I suppose max luck because I have never farmed orbs without it.


There’s a lot of growth hanging off trees and near ancient corruption on alcyon


Another possibility to help balance out this issue is to have a couple more Extractor recipes to convert the mushroom-like blocks (sponge, growth, corruption, etc) into their respective orbs and lamellas.

A rate of 180:50 for mass crafts or something along those lines would be tempting enough to skip all the placing and breaking.