Shop opening with Gleambows 21.06

Hello everyone ^^

Im proud to present MissTrulla`s


to all of you. A place to shop aswell as a place to rest.
You`ll find some delicious Pies, Bread and Brews for sure… but what else will the LOOTCHEST offer you?

Let us dig into it. Together :heart:

!!! Sunday 21.06.2020 8PM CEST !!!

There will be Portals at

Showroom USE D9 ( thanks to @msnraul for building up this great project)
Naughty Hunt Lodge
Xa Frant HUB (powered by @HOST)
*TNT Mega Hub (top row) *

There could be a 3 hour lasting weather anomaly causing some gleambows to spawn so bring your Gleambowtotems :wink:

Cant wait to see you there.

Ps: We didnt forget you Aussie Mates as it will be quite late/early at that time. We do some more for you on Monday 1PM CEST =)


Thanks to you @No7B4dBr0, I’m very proud of hosting you there. My project would be nothing without ppl like you. Best of luck with your shop, but I’m sure you won’t need it :slight_smile:


For those who dont know what the Showroom is.
You should do 3 things.
1) Check this Forum post -> ShowRoom Network Megathread
2) Contact @msnraul
3) Connect your shop !

Lets goooo :stuck_out_tongue:


a lovely build and build by awesome people! its an honor to have a portal to that lovely place
keep up the good work and enjoy boundless, from what you both have achieved in such a little time is just crazy. i cannot wait what else you have in mind :wink:
good job!

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Well, I know where I’m checking out when I’m next on :grin:

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Totally agree - Hef has done an absolutely amazing job with ShowRoom! It’s now the place to go if you’re not sure where sells things, or to find some amazing forgers :grin:

Also, met some damn amazing people just by being there.

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All Portals now open^^
We are so happy and cant wait for Sunday to celebrate with you all :heart:
Have an amazing day folks.


Xa Frant Hub

TNT Mega Hub

Naughty Hunt Lodge

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Just a little reminder…

Dont forget your Gleambow Totems

We dont sell any^^

Countdown is ticking :stuck_out_tongue:

It was awesome!! Thanks to all that came around…
Dont forget the small second blowout tomorrow …
take care


We will delay the second blowout for an hour, due to the TNT Hunt ^^…
So its 2PM CEST instead…
See ya´ll…