ShowRoom Network Megathread

For those who still don’t know what it is ShowRoom is a place that looks like a mall, with several roads divided by categories where shop owners advertise(not sell) their products and place a portal to their shop.

We are now a network composed of 3 hubs covering USW, US, EU.
Currently hosting 63 storefronts.

Location 1: ShowRoom USE :us:(Cephonex Merika) MAIN HUB
Portals: TNT Megahub, PS Biitula, Guardian, Nomads Market, Naughty Mall, Iconic Mall, Gyosha Mall, Dk Mall, Nova Golda, ShowRoom EU, ShowRoom USW.
Plots available: 78/122

Location 2: ShowRoom EU :eu:(Lamblis)
Portals: ShowRoom USE, TNT Megahub, PS Lamblis, River Towns, Ultima Lamblis Gate, Sanctuary Gellis.
Plots Available: 57/72

Location 3: ShowRoom USW :us:(Seginiakai)
Portals: ShowRoom USE, PS Grovidias Te.
Plots Available: 68/72

All hubs are clones.

Food & Brews
Surface gatherers / Creature drops
Power coils
Ingredients & Supplies
Other Crafters (sell/buy, multi crafters, those who sell anything, etc…)

How it works ?
The area is preplotted by me so pm me here on forums or in game Hefesto and I’ll come help you.
You pick a plot, decorate, I recommned to try to reach 10k prestige so you get footfall, and place a portal to your shop.

Located at USE F1.
You’ll find news, rules and several resources like beacons, fuel, ploters, shop stands, letter box and conduits, as well as some donation oort request baskets.

Plots are 1x1 width/length but you can go down as much as you want.
One account can now claim from 1 to 3 plots as long as each of them are different shops of different type and are located in different categories(roads).
Once claimed build it fast.
If you plan to leave communicate me.
There must be a permanent portal to your shop.



Birthday is gone, and was a great day. Thanks a lot to those who gave me presents and give me their support :slight_smile: and I hope you like my recent EU addition.

Love you all!


I want to make a shop but the permanant portal would be too much of a hassle to maintain :frowning:

This place has instantly given me more business, and I like how it’s organized. :+1: Great addition to the community!


Thanks a lot. I’m happy to hear is usefull.


how many conduits ? Or tell me the planet and I’ll tell you

Added portal at EU to PS Lamblis

love the eu addition :smile:this is like a pro version off our shopfinder 2000 thx for taking it to next level
i come check it out tomorrow a portal opend to your place in our mall
been hoarding event items would that be the other crafter categorie

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:slight_smile: Thanks a lot. I’m one of those that when starts a project it puts all the energy into it.
And I enjoy doing someting that may contribute to the community.

I need to farm cubits. Next level :slight_smile:


This is great. Good work!

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An EU section! That is great! I didn’t open the portal to my shop yet (didn’t have the time yesterday). Do you think I could move my things over there?

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Of course you can, I’ll log in a few minutes and help you.

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pm me here on forums once you are online and we meet. In game pm’s lately got delayed a lot, I try to avoid using them xd

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I’ve got mine to finish today and tomorrow for :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon Supplies :dragon_face:

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Created a discord server. You can request a spot there too. Feel free to join.
Info at first post.

Is the plan to put one on every planet?

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No. I would need army to do that and I think it doesn’t make sense.

I will try to do one by geographical zone. We now have USE and EU.

Next will probably be USW and I may stop there unless I do some poll / research and see that there is enough player base in AUS that got interest as there are just 3 planets there, my assumption is that population might be low.


Everybody is welcome on discord (non members can request a spot through discord) but I’d like to “force” to join all showroom members. It might be helpfull in case we need to contact, etc.

I’ve made a channel for suggestions, I’ve received some interesting ones that I am probably going to implement.

I’ll consider anything you propose that may benefit the whole group or the community, showroom may be my kid, but all of you own a little peace so it’s yours too.

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There will be an announcement soon (doing like devs) xDD

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I’m happy to announce that I just finished building ShowRoom USW and it’s already open. I’ll update info at first post