Shop Scanners on shops behind closed doors?

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Hello Friends!

I was at work [Still am] and one of my guildmates told me that someone came to our town I assume to find shops, and they were about to report my shop since I offer lower than market deals to my guildmates behind a guild only shopping area, But by default the shop searching has those prices in the searching system.

My question is, Am I considered breaking any rules? I like that it is available to be seen by my guildmates they can all get into the room, and can buy any of the things in there, but non-guildmates who come to the planet, or have some external scanner looking for shops on the planet and it shows my super low pricing-- is this in violation of the game at all? I figured it would be a very nice benefit for my guildies to get stuff for slightly lower than market pricing [It’s hunt related drops so nothing super impressive]

Please help?

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If reported for footfall abuse enough times they may look into it

if it’s for a closed group in one location, is it necessary for the stands to be searchable ?

I personally follow one rule: if the shop stand is anything other than available and accessible for everyone, the scanner is off


I would say yes, it’s against the rules. I went to one the other day while shopping and it was really frustrating after running to the shop, only to find it locked and un stoppable. :roll_eyes:


Technically yes. You could put your guild stands on a different beacon and turn off the shop scanner on that beacon.


Cant you turn those stands of?

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Despite the signs leading up there to say “This is for guild members on top?” It is still is against the rules?

The default it to keep the shop searchability to be on, I haven’t changed any of them because it is part of a shop. We’re a medium traffic city in general. so it’s not specific for footfall or anything. I have a sign on both ramps going up stating “Guild Shopping upstairs”

You can in the options of the stand/basket


imagine you arrive on a planet, search for an item, find a shop with a good price, run for 2 kilometers, because you don’t know where the portals are, just to discover it’s behind a closed door. sign or not, it’ll be unpleasant
if the beacon itself isn’t named ‘‘this shop is for guild members only’’ it would annoy people


If they show up on the scanner people wont see the guild sign until they run to your beacon. By then they’re probably mad enough to report it. Though im sure its obvious you’re not trolling since you took the time to post, i doubt you would get banned from the scanner. But to avoid it altogether best to turn those shop stands off


You indeed can turn off the stands, but I still like it findable for people who live ON the planet since a good majority of the planet is part of our guild.

I just wanted to know if this is a problem from a game rule-wise. Since I am not griefing, it’s not as far as I know breaking any rules, since only certain people can access it.

If people want to take advantage of that benefit, you are welcome to join the guild to shop there. I couldn’t lock down independant shopstands [I tried to use the advanced locks and that didn’t work] So I closed the shopstants upstairs of my public shop with no moret han a 30% drop from the publicly available stuff down below that shop.

Been there done that sometimes you can break in it only takes a flaw of 2x3 :sweat_smile:

I totally get that, but if you are running that far to try and get to the shop is it really worth all that effort? Or pay the extra 1c per item?

Even still, annoyance shouldn’t be a reason you report people/locations.

Otherwise, 90% of people on hunts should be reported too, and report the meteors as well-- those things always troll by landing on people and killing em’.

But still, I just want to know from a formal standpoint is it against the rules.

it sure would be useful if you could turn the searchability only for guild members, but since that feature does not exist, I suggest using the guild chat to inform people about restocking and such…
regardless of your good intentions, strangers have no idea what’s going on nor they care to investigate. I personally would not report it, but I would leave with a sour taste in my mouth making a mental note not to return there :slight_smile:
it is worth considering I think.


haven’t had that luck yet :smiley:


I plan on turning off just those, but even still I wanted to know the formal standing, since I cannot be the only one who thought of a shop for guildies to get supplies. [Granted. Only monster drops, so nothing major like hammers or anything]


Im going off of this post by Luca

You’re in the grey area as technically its not abuse, but its also not accessible to people outside of your guild.

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Thanks for the reference – I don’t often read the forums, but turn to it when I need help or advice, or reporting a bug. So I definately missed that.

I agree this statement would indeed put me in a grey area. It is accessable by people-- more than 100 members currently. I think I only have 1 stand which advertises Tallow at 0.20C but everything else should be no less than 30% the prices I have publicly available.

I will be turning off discoverability for them, because I don’t wanna be a troll or mess with anyone, or discourage friends to visit our town. But at the same time I would like to hear how this stands with a Dev/Admin because it is available, just to select people. And I have no current way aside from posting the stuff to Discord [assuming all my guildmates use discord] or post it here-- which could also anger people, or post it to guild chat-- which we all know is so reliable to catch up on 100+ messages when we are offline.

So there isn’t a good solid way to advertise those shops without the discoverability.


Just put the stands that have the special prices for your people so they do not display the prices to the global search area. The public area that you see in the knowledge tab for buy/sell should be on shop stands that all people can access. Any other way would get you in trouble. You can set each stand separately just go through the options till it is not displayed.

Just throwing another opinion onto this.

If the stands aren’t for public use they shouldn’t be in the scanner. I wouldn’t be too happy to cross a world for that either.

“I want to know if it’s formally within the rules” is cute and all that but it simply makes me feel like instead of being annoyed and moving on I WOULD want to report the shop.