Shopkeeper's Price Calculator / Recipe Browser

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Version 0.2 Changelog

  • Purchase and sales tax options (Assumes the tax epic is active)
  • Crafting machine indicators, the icons are just random boundless icons but I did my best to match the machine color

edit: Oh wow I was just testing the tax stuff on testing, and the item in the basket disappears now if you don’t have enough budget in it to buy one with the set price! This is awesome! I didn’t see this mentioned in the patch notes, maybe I just missed it. Or is this already on live too?

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The forum thinks I’m spamming this thread, so editing this one :smiley: New stuff at the bottom.

Version 0.3 Changelog

  • Improved the search algorithm (“ti ha” for example now properly matches items like “Titanium Balanced Hammer”)
  • Can now hide the coin amounts to use the tool as more of a general crafting aid
  • Base item quantity can now be modified
  • Item quantities can be rounded up to the next mass craft, makes it easier to pick up the right amount of materials from your shelves when actually crafting the thing. Doesn’t affect the coin calculations, display only!
  • Can now hide the decimal points in quantities since they’re irrelevant when crafting many items

Testing is unfortunately suboptimal, lots of things are in flux, so there could be bugs, please report any issues you have!

Looks like this in the “crafting only mode”

Version 0.4 Changelog


Updated the recipe data, rift etc tools are now in there

Apologies it took so long, the release changed the recipe format a bit, especially with the “Any trunk” like things and it took a bit longer than expected to restructure the tool to understand the new format :sweat_smile:

I hope it works as intended now, but if you find an item that isn’t working let me know here or by PM!

Version 0.5 Changelog

  • “Shopping cart” added, you can add multiple items to it and the tool will calculate the total worth. Useful for forged things.
  • The price input field is now highlighted red if there is no price set for an item.
  • Mobile improvements, I’m using this as a responsive design test project :smiley:
  • Item history
    ** NOW ACTUALLY WORKS ** Please, if something looks out of place or seems like a bug, tell me, I won’t bite!

I’d really like to get the prices and the cart linkable, but it’s providing a challenge. Maybe in 0.6?

Version 0.6 Changelog

Still silence here, I’m assuming that means that everything is working, but please do tell if something breaks. The scope of the project has expanded a bit so there’s starting to be duct tape solutions that could break.

Anyway, been wanting to add a list of recipes where the current item is used. So I did that and now the tool can be used as proper recipe browser. This required some sacrifices, mainly

  • Boundless Trade now open from the price edit buttons rather then the item name
  • Clicking the item name in the recipe list now opens that item in the tool

Price linking is harder than I imagined because of all the “any X” entries… Might take a while.

I’ve setup a testing branch with all testing items and recipes included. Still can’t post a new reply so I just have to trust people who are interested actually read this


Here, have 3 more reply.

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Not sure how I missed this thread the first time around but what an amazing tool. Not just for shopkeepers, but for anyone doing crafting even if just for themselves. Love it!


I’ve moved this under the same domain as the rest of my stuff
The old address will continue to work until further notice too.

Version 0.7 Changelog

  • Added the ability to set prices for intermediate items. The calculations will use the hierarchically top item that has a price larger than 0 set.

  • Added keyboard navigation the the search results.

  • Power requirements for recipes are shown next to the machine name.

  • The cart quantities can be manually entered to enable decimal points. There were some floating point errors here, I’ve tried my best to account for them but if your quantity bugs out let me know how to reproduce it and I’ll try to fix it.

  • Hovering over an item in the recipe tree now highlights the item row and the items needed to craft it.

  • Removed BTN auto-pricing since it’s not going to be fixed.

  • Added buttons to set the quantity to commonly used amounts (a single mass craft, and a smart stack)

edit: Somehow some files were reverted to a previous version, should work as intended now.


@Mayumichi Please tell me this is still working, is accurate, and has place to input/calculate spark cost along with the rest of the ingredients.

It works, but I haven’t got spark cost in there. So many sources of spark so how do you define the price. I was planning on showing the amount of spark used, but even that is dependent on coils, so it gets pretty complicated.


No worries. As long as the recipes are right, I can add spark manually. Thanks a lot!

Xmas recipes are in :smile:

Added BUTT integration, shows top 10 price results for the item :slight_smile:

edit: Realised my WIP crafting time/spark column is also there. They’re just the base values as we still don’t know the formula for how coils affect these.



Great addition!

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Version 0.9 changelog

  • Added spark value calculations
  • Added various speed and spark modifiers, still missing the power formula so that’s a major missing component (Power spark/time reduction, math wizards assemble 📈) Oh well, better than nothing :slight_smile:
  • Moved most settings behind the settings menu
  • Added a spark value summary with different spark sources for you to select from, opened with the spark button next to the settings.

There’s probably bugs so yeah, keep them coming. I wasn’t sure what fuel speed modifiers there are, I haven’t used the enriched or infused stuff, do those go higher than 2x?

Oh and for spark calculations, the program ignores the sand recipe. I couldn’t find a neat way to make skipping it configurable :confused: I hope the vast majority are like me and not cracking their sand from rock.


So all this time I guess I’ve been overpaying for spark by using kindling shreds huh?

Yes @DKPuncherello, you should probably switch to using sticks instead :smiley:

Alright ppl I have a problem, I can’t find a way to take the spark value in to account when calculating the fuel price, if crafting that fuel requires spark. Cause if you select a fuel, it’ll change the spark price obviously, but if that fuel requires spark to craft, the spark price change will affect the price of that fuel. If you select the same fuel again with the new price, it’ll again affect the spark price thus changing the price of that fuel. Repeat to infinity…

Idk if that can be solved. Now the fuel value just ignores the spark used in crafting it :woman_shrugging: It still changes the net spark gain, but that spark loss isn’t added to the cost.

Chicken or the egg problem haha
I suppose we all started with soft coal. But it’s been a VERY long time.

Maybe I misunderstand the problem but here’s what I do in my spreadsheet. Calculate how much spark 1 peat produces if you compact it before burning.

Spark / 1 compact peat => 500
1 mass craft requires 180 peat and 1169 spark and produces 25 compact peat.


(500 * 25 - 1169) / 180 = 62.95 spark / peat (if compacted first)

Now just use the price of peat and 62.95 spark.

So you do the same as me atm and don’t value that 1169 spark used to craft the compact peat?

180 peat produce (25*500) 12500 spark, which is 69.44 spark per peat (12500 / 180).

But I value a peat only as 62.95 spark, which is 6.5 spark less per peat (because 180 * 6.5 ~ 1169).

Instead of adding a cost for these 1169 spark, I just reduce the produced spark by 1169 per mass craft.

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Am I stypid, Is it that simple? I’m already using net spark gains in the calculations. Now that you say it like that yeah I guess the spark used is already accounted for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Unless you use peat in your furnace and coal in your spark generator and want to calculate how much compact peat costs after compacting it with coal. :slight_smile: