Shopping portals


So my little shop is almost ready to be opened, I’m looking for a portal mall or shop portal areas if I could have some suggestions for fairly active ones :angel:
My shop is on Arie :blue_heart: so would need to be a reasonable amount of blinksecs away

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m looking to have maybe 4 or 5 portals to the shop so keep the suggestions coming


The Hive is a good place to set up a shop portal. @Orrian would be the one to speak with.


Ah thanks for that, which planet is it on?


Biitula is the planet it is located on.


In hunter courtyard


Ahh, Biitula may be a little far for me to fuel! Thank you though!


Tricky! You know where i have is :slight_smile:


if you open your portal in Star Store river town Arie than you geht the oort opening cost back :slight_smile: you can choose between 1x2, 2x2 or 1x3
you Welcome


ohhh I use Star Store almost daily! Will definitely take you up on that offer @hAmSTeR86!


nice to hear :slight_smile:
I am actually there if i can do something for you


I’ll be on in a few hours hopefully so will come see you if you’re about :slight_smile:


ok np, i go Shopping and i am online later again. See you


Aw I would have loved to have one there, but it’s a little too far for my Oort bill! :laughing:


Join us in some of our hunts :slight_smile:


I hunt as much as i can but my Oort bills are slowly creeping up now :frowning:

I should come join you guys again sometime though!


I hear you. Not sure how I manage the Oort some days. Thanks to awesome guild members donating for sure. @Ratchel @morey523 @LunaLynn @Alienfish @Taleyah and many more.


@Orrian, you should really move the Hive to Circapous. :slight_smile:


Ugh I know! I could milk that planet dry. But I have too many projects :frowning:

But trust me I know the damage that can be done there.


One of the PS Hubs is probably a good idea. They link to most things.


Okidoki will have a look, I rarely use PS so should go have an explore!