Show all boons when hovering over a forged tool

I’m having a hard time differentiating forged tools from unforged ones. Some of them have nice little tooltips that tell me they’re forged, but it’s a bit random what it shows.




Could the tool always show at least one, preferably all of the boons (and their levels wow this is getting crazy) in the tooltip? Or at least the +All 3x3 if that’s easier.

Or maybe the forge effect in the inventory could be more prominent?


I love this idea. Im confused why sometime my forged tools show a perk and other forged tools do not.

Maybe instead of having all 3 spelled out, you could attach the same symbol as in the forge, in the hover display, for each perk/quirk/defect? That would also provide a quick easy glance at the Tier of the perk.

Im also in favor of making the forger’s name part of the hover display… But maybe thats too busy…


Afaik, the intend of the tool tip was to add all “significant changes” boons, which for some reason were considered to only be the max level 1 to 3 ones. But now that we have it, I also wonder why it’s not just displaying all of them (especially AoE), at least in short form. In my smart stacks of tools I frequently lose track of which have AoE, which have what level damage, etc.

Introducing boon levels in tool tips could also make forging in general more clear to newer players, since it would show to them what actually matters (to most people) and help them make more informed buying decisions. Damage itself can vary a lot based on the base item, so 1-10 is more intuitive than reverse-engineering the boon level like we’ve been doing.


+100 to making forged tools easier to differentiate in the inventory screen. I would love to have a small image of the three boons as well. But even more important for me is just being able to tell the difference between forged or not. I play on ps4 and it took me weeks to even notice the little animation in the inventory on forged tools. Not sure if it’s easier to tell on pc but I’ve always wondered why it’s not more visible. I lose tools all the time!

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