Show me your builds!

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So this is basically a Mega tour of the current Boundless epicness.


So much to see, you could probably do a series just on builds.


Before gods send floods to destroy sinners and revert their contrary ways.


the links for Elop Portas aren’t available to me, says page doesn’t exist or is private



You should take screenshots of the finished thing from the same angles.


I’ll try to do it after work :grinning:


Here is the coordinates to the hand

World: Solum
-364, 92, 981

Here is the face
-1058, 238, 314


@30nstillgaming don’t forget this one


Nice shots, @Jeffrotheswell. I love that hand. Screenshots don’t do any of his amazing work justice though, you really have to visit them yourself.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! I’m looking forward to doing this, yeah the plan is to showcase as many builds as possible so people interested in the game can see what sort of cool stuff they could do!


Don’t do my house til later, it have to finish the basement


Jeffrotheswell one day I need to meet up with you. Cause I would like the part you built behind my hand to be moved alittle bit so it connects to the back of the hand. That way the water runs through it from behind into the middle of the hand. I hope that makes sense. Anyway I will be playing on Wednesday at 8pm if that works if not let’s figure a time


My house is officially finished. and its better than i ever imagined


Lol… save some tooting of that horn for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


come visit viper. say hi to me and my epic house


Oh I will :grin:. I’m planning on recording an episode tonight so hopefully I can stop by.


try to get me to give you the tour


I’ll try but I’m recording with a friend who’s new to both Voxel/sandbox games and Pc gaming. I’m hoping to get a lot of input from him. Should be interesting :sweat_smile:


what time u gonna be on?