Show me your builds!

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I know this is from a while back but is this built or an idea bc if its a design how did you make it?


It’s a build I made, but that is a sort of sketch I made on magika voxel.


If this is the sort of thing you are after let me know and ill send co-ords through inbox. Trying to keep the viking theme!
(Edit: just realized how old thispost is XD)


heres some of me and my friend stuff :slight_smile:


been there - impressive @DoomsdayKnight


How the heck do you guys :slight_smile:

  1. Come up with the idea for your builds
  2. Find the necessary materials
  3. Make the efficiently in Boundless

I just started playing last week and tried to make a little ‘medieval’ looking blacksmith building based on a video I have seen from it being made in Minecraft (never played that). Things I had issues with was finding the correct materials and building blocks. Tried to experiment with using Sand for walls and stuff, but seems you can’t change the shape of that with your chisel (or I haven’t found how to do it yet).

My idea was to build like a medieval city … at least … until I went out to explore and found the other amazing creations out there :stuck_out_tongue: during my stream.


First I’d advise going around and seeing what blocks are available - what they actually LOOK like when placed.

Having sedimentary bricks for a castle looks awesome, but in the meantime normal sedi or igneous stones could do the trick…

Chisel - there are guides available but nothing beats getting your hand on one and whacking away to see what it does. Spoiler - you get square, slope and bevel chisels (with “beginner” and precise variants as well as gem ones) each giving certain options for shaping.

Last note - its always easier to work in a team! If you’re a builder, ask around for a crafter and gatherer who want to live in a medieval town and offer them homes for their skills :yum:


Im fairly new too, started at ps4 release. What I did when i first started travelling to different planets was go around the cities looking at people’s builds. If u see a color/texture that you like, hit it with your totem or any tool and see what kind of rock/wood/etc it is. (You cant destroy other player’s build, it will just show what type of material it is) Just know that rock, stone, refined stone, decorative stone can have the same color but will have a different texture with each increasing craft (and also be worth more prestige towards your build)

You can use and search “rock” or “wood”, select your type of rock or wood you’re searching for, then choose color to see where to find it.



Thanks for the feedback. This is what I ended up with in my stream after following a Minecraft video.

Nothing impressive yet, and still needs decoration. But there are a few things I couldn’t figure out. The top part is that sedimentary stone (I believe) and the bottom part is the other one. I like the textures in both, but the colours turned out to be a bit too dark for my taste. I’ve now read that every planet has it’s own colours for those stones … if that’s a fact, I’m gonna have to go travel around.

Also … the beams in the house are made out of the twisted trunk, since that was the only one which allowed me to have the textures of the wood go horizontally or vertically (depending on how you place them). I could not achieve that with the timber.

Of course … the drawback of using wooden trunks instead of timber is that you can’t change the shape with the chisel.

As you can see … I still have a lot to learn, but I am liking the game so far, and I never even expected that :slight_smile:


I did make a little construction / test site behind the building placing the blocks I could find next to each other and on top of each other to see how the textures work. That’s how I chose the the type of stone to use for floors vs walls and stuff. Too bad I couldn’t find any lighter coloured version though.


Www.BOUNDLESSCRAFTING.COM is awesome, they now also have an option to see which world contains what colour of stone/wood so you could compare and find there