Show me your builds!

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Hello friends!

I want to do a video on some of the builds everyone has done, so I thought the best way to start would be to get you guys to show me! I know for a fact there are amazing builds out there, but I don’t know exactly where, so if you wouldn’t mind commenting the coords of the builds you’ve seen/made I would be eternally grateful! :slight_smile:


If you can find your way to pixel gate all you have to do is look for the giant mario. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the star shop. Not sure the coordinates at the moment.


My build is connected to Jeff’s portal like. Head to Nasharil via his line, and then head outside Lyme portal house. My portal will be right there across the courtyard


Cool! I’ll drop people a message if I struggle to find them, I’ll be doing the recording mid next week, so keep the builds coming in :slight_smile:


My town in Andooweem is connected directly to Soul_Drop’s portal in Therka (Therka Market has a portal to his house from his shop. His shop is next to a buiding with 3 floating blue diamonds. His shop is a red building and the portal is ontop). My house is the one that is hanging off the suspended island like a lantern. You are welcome to tour the area, assuming you are not lagged out because its an Aussie server.

Edit: The whole town is practically my build, I did 95% of it, minus the bases/houses/shops of the other residents. the 5% is the walkway that leads to or away from Astralus’ home by the water that is set against the mountain/hill side.


If @Heureka doesnt closed his portal, you can go there from Therka market, but not very far with foot from the market either.


If you land in Dragon’s Watch on Solum you’ll be able to catch the awesome statue of dragon. One of the most amazing builds in Boundless so far.

City itself seem to be quiet and less active than a couple of months ago. However if you follow dragon’s gaze you will get to a small shop built inside icy slope. There is a big portal on top of it leading to my Therka settlement.


The entirety of Elop Portas is one big build, with a few individual builds put up around it. You should definitely visit some time. We already have like 12 buildings there for you to visit


Hey @Steggs101, you can take a dip in the bathhouse - just don’t wee in there… head to Elop Portas and follow the aquaducts to the edge of the city, or simply ask one of the locals.

You’ve already been to the Maw, and my latest build is the storage tower as you arrive in Elop Portas from @Jeffrotheswell’s portal hub (you can’t miss it)

I’ll also have something fun for you sometime in the near future! I’ll keep you posted! Keep up the good work on the videos, @Steggs101!


But what’s the fun of going to a bathhouse if I can’t pee!? :smiley: I’ll take a look at it, and can’t wait for your next project dude!


In Elop Portas,

Jeff’s temple of epicness
Xanotos’ water shrine
Pseudo’s storage tower
EnisledLady’s partially complete dragon
Pseudo’s little spitter scum statue
Queennut’s building
The chiller’s 2 abstract structures
JcFinley’s Nasharil garden
Queennuts and jcfinley’s lava and water shrine respectively
Spoygg’s build (I don’t know what it is unfortunately I haven’t seen it)
Pseudo’s bathhouse
Dzchan’s water park
And of course, the aqueducts themselves.

Scratch has an island to build on in the sky but it’s not very done yet. But I believe in Scratchnwiff

If I forgot anyone’s build I’m sorry.


You can also take a look around the oort temple

My house

This is the rough sketch of my water park


I’m not quite sure how you did this, but you forgot the gravestone of Slopples J. Pidgenworthy the 2nd.


I didn’t think that Jeff had made the gravestone yet. I might just stick te grave next to my shrine.

But yes, next to Xanotos’ water shrine, there will be the grave of Slopples J. Pidgenworthy 2nd, the best breeding wildstock in existence. (As far as we know, female)


whisper Just give me time to build


I have 2 giant hands that i built. One in Elop and one in solum. I also have the giant face I built in the mountain. I can get you the coordinates for all of them


dfeinitely share the face. sorry i forgot to include your hand. share the hand coordinates not in Elop Portas


That hand is one of my favourite. Definitely my private top three. :sunglasses:


I see the hand finally has water too! It looks great @30nstillgaming - really nice work.


Awesome! Yeah man send over those coords :slight_smile: