Show me your power coil setups please

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From what I remember, 20 24 advanced coils is the max. I plan to power all of my machines with 13 coils each, but I’d like to try to figure out a good setup so I can end up getting them up to 20 24 much later on when I have tons of spare coils I don’t need.

24 is actually the max. I don’t have a good setup to show but 24 is the max you can have

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Just hang them from the ceiling in a dark room or put them underground.

Let me see if I can find my SS here

Thank you for that correction. I must have misremembered.

My forge changed I know have 4 in a very similar setup

Feel free to check it in person

TNT Omeyocan, Maryx centre Omeyocan or I’m the guardian host for Maryx.

Once on my hub walk to the red & white temple thing get inside find the door in the floor go down the slides and you’ll see a workshop portal in one corner and the forge door In the opposite one.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. 24 coils exactly and set up in a nice way. I wasn’t sure how to place them exactly to have them look nice, but also symmetrical while being at 24 coils. Thank you!


Just because…


the setup is the machine 1x4 and the coils around at the buttom is 3x2


Pretty similar to what’s above

Also very easily expandable, but it gets tricky, at least the way I have them arranged, to make the spark lines look good with the expansions.


My coils are kinda all glommed together…


@ReebanRuben has a pretty cool new layout not sure if he’ll show a screenshot

Here’s ours


These are both the same setup with different faces.


I have 3 different set ups for my machines

First one with everything in plain sight

This one with coils under the floor

This one with visible coils and a pathway behind the wall to wall behind the machines


here’s mine


This one looks gorgeous. I was thinking of implementing some kind of gem design into the build since they each use a gem type.

I also very much enjoy the idea of a side view one. Maybe I’ll try a side view one with a good gem decoration around it.

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U can check it out if u want tnt hub very top espers licents I have a portal to my workshop from there

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I use 4 machines per pod , in this case they are low to the ground so the copper keeps you from getting zapped .


My main factory now is very similar to @pajew with max coils at max density.

I chose to inset them a bit, and display the ‘unique’ segment of each machine. This does mean that sometimes you get caught on them running down the rows though.

At the forge I have some inset machines with full coil-outs in a ring around them and highlighted with gleam

Extractors to match:

There are some others packed to high density that I use most, though

In my old workshop, built when we had to repair each coil, I never went past 10 coils per machine, they’re fully exposed so that they can all be repaired form the front side

Serpensarindustries was a quick build so not very creative :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t want to pack the machines too tight but each only has 16 coils so I filled with gleam again.

coils coils coils …

I have a bunch of extractors with only 2 coils each for mass extracting essences

Nothing super original but I think that’s every place I have coils :thinking:

EDIT: Oh! Wait!

Helix Coils

And minter coils

Minters don’t require so many coils so there’s a little more flexibility. I’ve seen some prety fancy setups for those. The sets I have at farms are currently just sort of stacked up by the minter though :zzz:


not the best quality screenshots but I like them hidden in the wall like this:

the machines grouped in sets of 4 have 3600 power and the singles have full power