Show me your workshops!

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As the topic says, show me screenshots of your workshops! I need more ideas and I also want to make sure I am not missing anything important! This can include anything you consider to be oart of your workshop, like clever farms or something else!

Thanks in advance! Also, let me know where they are so I can come check in person! :heart:


Posted it recently on the “what did you do in boundless today” post but doesn’t hurt to repost here :blush:


Nice work. Could we see more pics with detail of the machines + coils etc please?


I like how you colored it to make it easier to find the right one. How many of each machine do you have? And are coils visible just for aestetic reasons?

Oh, and how far away is your storage area from that workshop? :thinking:

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Still in the process of rebuilding mine, here’s some screenshots of it so far:

I have 20 of each machine and its spread out a little more than it needs to be but having to rebuild a workshop because of the mesh limit once already has taught me to give it some breathing room.


@QuimbyBoundless the color idea and design to be honest came from @powerman. Always loved his work. As for machines I have the following… Refinery (12), Extractor (12), Workbench (12), Mixer (16) and Compactor (20). The last two are more because I make a heck of a lot of concrete… The coils are visible between the two machines behind the wooden trellis (acting like vents). As for the storage its right next to it. Both floors of the workshop have access to the storage area :wink: .

(Temp setup I had before the move showing the coils behind the trellis)


Here are some pictures of the coils and machines…

Linking them up to the spark generator… (the wooden trellis grills on the floor are to cover up the tunnel blow where the spark links travel.

Hardest part was the spark links since you can only run each run about 100 blocks so I had to play around with it… Word of advice… run the links FIRST before building the workshop… I thought I had to pull the rest of my hair out when I kept hitting the limit :joy:


I like the idea of the trellis over the spark route, makes it feel industrial and I imagine is useful for easy access.
Also like how you’ve combined two machines together surrounded by two sets of coils. Think I will pinch this idea.


Looks great! So futuristic! I like how you use storage blocks purely for showing what item goes where, definitely the more efficient way which I definitely didn’t do :rofl:

@DaOne82 Gotcha, yeah it looks great! Did you manage to use only one spark station or did you have to build several? I definitely didn’t optimize that AT ALL and I now have 2 spark stations for every machine wing lol :upside_down_face:

Edit: also, black trellis looks realllllllll good!


Only one spark generator @QuimbyBoundless station was used. I was super scared that I would have to use another but carefully making sure it was placed in the center and placed all 16 spark generators in a way where I can make it work. It was a challenge believe me and I think I speak for anyone who makes a workshop at a large scale lol.


If either you @QuimbyBoundless and @Elsiekelsie anyone else wants to have a look you are more then happy to do so… just the coils are locked so people don’t accidently run into the coils and get zapped… Safety First!! :wink:

I can always come online to show in more detail :slight_smile:


Yeah I should’ve planned the workshop around that… Maybe next time :rofl: But I am just going to dump like 8 SS of hard coal in each, I don’t run any big shops so it’s personal use anyway so I don’t really run through too much spark fortunately so it should last a good while. I really should’ve asked on forum before starting to work on it :grimacing:

I’ll come swing by! Directions? :smiley:

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@QuimbyBoundless Logging in now… TNT Angel I you know that planet everyone forgets about lol

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Bastion Concrete’s coils and storage


Nobody likes a show off @Bones haha jks :joy: With a concrete shop I can imagine such a large scale workshop… looks good but I don’t see any spark links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … unless you have a lot of patience which I don’t have lol btw… the latticed copper nice touch gives it that industrial look with pipes running from each coil… :slight_smile:


Each row of machines has 3 stacks of 16 spark generators spaced out on top for a shop total (so far) of 18 stacks of 16 generators .


That’s more colors than I have seen in the game. Crazy setup! I like to think that part of that has been sponsored by me buying concrete! :rofl:


Here are 2 of my bigger bases.




I am a man of compact and detailed builds so it is a small workshop. Build is still in progress. Haven’t shown any progress on the forum since like 2 months BUT here is a teaser. Can be reached from TNT Gellis > RedY3’s Residence > take the only portal immediately to your left to reach the island. Still moving bases xD


Oh and my storage too on the other side:

Build is currently Reaper-aligned so feel free to fall as much as you want xD


If I saw pictures of these somewhere else I would’ve never guessed these were made by you… not! :rofl: Isn’t the signs on the machines annoying every time you go to click the machine and missclick the sign instead?

@RedY3 Looks awesome! I was contemplating making a workshop and storage area that feels “alive” with bunch of decorations but I decided I just wanted it to be quite simple and just do what it’s supposed to - store items and craft items. I really like what you did with the foliage and goo!