Show off your crafting layouts

One of my favorite things to do in Boundless is arrange the functional blocks. I’m working on a new crafting room and wanted to share some of my functional layout designs. Share yours too!

This is what one crafting station will look like. You can easily access the 3x3 for storing less used ingredients. The spark is hooked up behind the wall and the power coils are underground.

Since the spark will be completely hidden behind the wall, I wanted a way to quickly know there’s spark in the system. So I ran a wire past a gap in the wall. Now I can see whether it’s blue or grey at a glance!

You access the entire maintenance area from under the stairs.

The stairs lead down to the coil area and the door to the left to the spark generators and spark link access tunnel. There’s storage back here too for wrenches, fuel, and (someday) unused coils :crossed_fingers::grimacing::crossed_fingers:.

There’s enough room for 4x4 spark generators in the access tunnel, all easily accessible right from the doorway. You can see the chisel shenanigans that went into the sparkmeter, and the rest of the tunnel is a long wire hooked up to all the machines.

Plenty of room for coils as I get them. I’d arrange them for more convenient repairing but I have them spread out right now to get an idea of the space needed for each station.


Mine’s all in 2 underground levels. Only one of which is in use and fully kitted out so far.
It’s still a WIP while I rebuild the ground level.

The lowest basement level is just about done…

Easy access to the Spark Generators and for Coil Repairs…

Plenty of room for expansion on the upper basement level… The wall by the stairway and the left wall both need pushed back by 1 plot to bring it into scale with the completed lower basement.

I’ll add pics of the ground level when I’ve completed the tower and added the player portal hub etc. :slight_smile:


Aww yeah, lookin sharp. I’m now realizing this is the Boundless equivalent of showing the nice cabling job in a custom PC build lol


Haha, yea. Just don’t look under my motherboard. There’s nothing to see under there. I promise! lol

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here’s my version from EA :smile:

haven’t got my current one ready at moment lol

patented powercord system


Oh nice, that’s like the small form factor version. Would make for a great blueprint if they ever add that idea to the game

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