Show your support for an Xbox version of boundless


This thread is not intended to be a discussion, I’d just like to rally up any supporters and show Turbulenz there are (hopefully!!) people out there who would like to see an Xbox version.

We all know there are no plans and that it is only planned for PS4/PC/Mac at the moment, as well as contractual exclusivity with Sony (for an unknown period of time).
So please just post to show your support for an Xbox version.

Come on people this is not opening it up for a debate, the topic is closed for discussion as we all know. I am simply trying to gather a list of supporters.

If it’s not already obvious, i would buy a copy on Xbox and play on both Xbox and PC, if i could :grin:
Come on @Bonez307 @Kerpie i know you’re onboard!

  • I want boundless on Xbox!
  • I want boundless on Nintendo! (Switch/Wii)

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I don’t have an xbox, but don’t see why not.

Hopefully there’s no deals with Sony impeding that.


I don’t think it’s a matter of there not being support for an Xbox version, but rather contractual “console exclusivity” with Sony. I don’t know if this lasts for a period of time or not, but my understanding is that since Sony is financially supporting boundless, the devs aren’t allowed to make contracts with other consoles.


This. Thread can be closed now.

XBOB/switch version? yes.
Do i think it’s possible. No.


I understand that, I’ve also mentioned that before. But we don’t know when or if the exclusivity runs out and I’d like the Devs to be aware of the market and consider it when they are able to do so.


I figured you probably realized that, I decided to go ahead and post it anyway for anybody else reading this thread. You can never be too informed :wink:


The original news I saw about this game said it would be on XBOX also but the greed of the company and Sony decided to punish XBOX users. Because of this I will never buy another Sony product nor a game from this developer until this changes. When companies put money before the people who support them than they aren’t worth buying from any more.


I’ve been here for years- backing this game when there were fewer than 20 other backers- I have never seen nor heard of any such article making this claim. Can you provide a source? Clipping? Anything beyond hearsay of this claim? Because it not only sounds like nonsense to me, it is also completely contrary to my own experiences interacting with the developers. Is this a joke?

There has never been a claim that it would be available on xbox, and never has there been any discussion of punishing xbox players. And why would Microsoft have any interest in making competition for their own massively lucrative Minecraft?


xbox have their games, sony have theirs for PS
always been like that - they are competitors


Huh? If one checks SteamDB and considers there are a little less than 20,000 owners at roughly $30 US per copy sold, that comes to $600,000 US. Take Valve’s cut off (10% if I’m not mistaken), that’s $540,000. Now divide that by what, 10 developers, that’s $54,000 annual salary each for one year. They’ve been working on this game, in it’s current iteration on Steam since 2014. I don’t see much possibility for greed. Granted I’m have no inside knowledge, and my figures are all very roughly acquired, but nevertheless, nobody has “struck it rich” from this game by any stretch.

I fully support this dev team in their approach and delivery of features and content thus far. Yes, always room for improvement, but I’ve no doubt the commitment is there to deliver and please. Games take time to develop, even for AAA studios with virtually limitless resources. IMHO, and respectfully, your statement KKsGrandma holds water about as well as a colander.


Microsoft is one of the greediest companies ever. Why the double standard?


I never said I have an XBOX or that Microsoft was good I just said that I thinks it is wrong to cut out one group of players they had already said would be included just because they are offered money. That’s like saying that group of people don’t matter even though they have been supporting them. Just because Microsoft is a greedy company doesn’t mean the rest have to follow.


I saw a trailer on youtube that showed available on all three at the end of it.


Can you provide a link to the YT video you’re referring to please?

None of the official Boundless videos have ever stated that it would be available for Xbox as far as I am aware.