Signs of life from the devs?


Part of me wants to say “nice”, but the other part wants to scream that you’re missing the point.

Truth is, it shouldn’t be our problem that you guys don’t have time to read the forums on the week-ends (because yeah, we work during the week, too, some of us work during the week-ends too). Kinda feels like you’re taking us for bratty impatient kids. :neutral_face:

• Wonderstruck needs a good community manager.
• All update messages need to be conveniently written in the News section, which was made for this, so that all players can see them easily.
• Updates should not be written at the bottom of some post like this one, lost in the general section.
• Updates should not be told privately to players either because it cultivates the behavior of rumors.
• Finally, Wonderstruck needs a roadmap system.


Let me just say, many of us are very thankful for your hard work, we are patiently waiting, and do not care too deeply toward how update news has been given.

However, perhaps to quell the masses, weekly updates in the “News” section, that reaffirm what we already know are needed. As well as a centralized location for all information. Some of us here can’t handle the anxiety of it all. It is what it is, I suppose.

Have a good holiday break.


I think that this reply summarises the problem.

We all know you are working very hard and all have a huge amount of work to do, but if there is no news flashes/touching base/communication people assume you dont care. It isnt the case im sure, but the less patient will assume it is and move on.

I honestly didnt know the office wasnt manned at a weekend, and just thought gaming had moved to a more 24/7 contact model, where someone was always about- probably as im kinda new to indie or smaller games (which are better tbh)


And this kind of response is exactly why the devs don’t communicate more…


The wording is a bit off, but the message is pretty accurate. If you rang the bank and they didnt answer for 5 days then said sorry we were busy counting money would that wash. Nope. You would reply, well surely you should have someone doing that?..the phones that is


You missed the whole point of the talk about a Community manager by saying again that the devs should communicate with us. That should be the work of a community manager, doing that for them.

Did you also note how he mentioned that they don’t have time to read the forums? Then what does that tell you about the suggestion section?

And trust me, I don’t like writting that kind of thing either. But he did miss all the points that were made in the debate by jumping to the end.

When I don’t give enough updates to my boss and my clients, I get slammed. When I try to give excuses to my boss, he tells me “the client doesn’t give a flying fudge about your excuses” (except he doesn’t say fudge).
Maybe for you, the boss/client will be like “oooowh, poor guy, well, I won’t be too hard on him, then”. But that’s not how it works for everyone.


Actually, it’s not pointless. That Farming is coming out as the next update is/was not public knowledge so a single little sentence as I already mentioned above would have helped a heck of a lot for the people who did not know. And many people rather hear that it’s sadly postponed by a week than not hearing anything. That one single short post could have done the trick.

If there’s no time for such things then, well, I don’t think the devs are then working in a healthy way. I also rather see them NOT burn out on the game by over working themselves because that probably means they quit or want to stop with the game sooner than we want them too!

Not doing it on his normal account means he doesn’t get notifications, and besides, that really wasn’t a very serious suggestion either which the smiley, that you edited out, should have made clear.


Thank you! :heart:


That can be done by the main account so it is more creditable, Otherwise it is Heresay or someone creating conjecture.

If you are trying to refer to the fact James should make a 2nd account that actually haves the wonderstuck Title and Admin icon on it, Then that can create confusion that they hired another person when they actually did not. Then people will start to blame them for being slightly misleading, It creates more work then it is worth because then James would have to try to make sure everyone is aware of the situation about his 2nd account, on top of everything else.

This whole topic, in my book, is something that can cause the devs to burn out as you/we are trying to pressure them into responding, and along the way some unkind speculations have been made, If the devs are passionate about their game and they have a busy schedule, Reading the forums can be extremely stressful.

A „Smiley“ Could mean a few things. So I choose to ignore that. and respond to just the part that is an objective statement.


:joy: Sure. To most people a smiley conveys extra information to use on how to interpret a post or message. You are ignoring it and therefor are taking it as a serious suggestion which it was not. Which I also already explicitly told you in my previous reply yet you’re again replying to it seriously.

Which I suggested jokingly and is thus not a fact…

Indeed the forums can be stressful, and no am not pressuring anyone to do anything just saying that I think it would help people to settle down if we heard something once in a while even if it was just a short statement as I suggested and which Ross now has done.

Like I said if they don’t have time for such short statements then I really believe they are overworking themselves which is a much more likely reason to get burn out from than a forum post like this one…

As I said I want them to take care of themselves too so they can keep enjoying working on the game we love.


I am not most people, As I think you should have a light understanding if you followed even some of my other forum posts here.

And you also rebutted my „Serious“ objection by saying it was not pointless, and explaining why it is not, if it was just a joke, there would be nothing to rebutt. nothing to respond to, and you can just ignore me. The act of a rebuttal means, I may respond to the rebuttal.

That is less aimed at you and more aimed at statements such as the following one below.


Let us know if we can Venmo you guys for some late night pizza parties. :>


I’m really trying not to post again on this thread but I want to set the record pretty straight and let people know that demand information that they really should stop saying the devs missed the point when it feels like most of the community is missing the point…

I am using the above quote as an example of the general statements people make. Again this is not directed at Anea directly but for the general community on why they need to chill some and understand that sometimes communication is completely irrelevant and helps nothing -

I talked to James on Friday 5/31. He was getting ready for a week off. We talked about various things and I brought up the timing around Farming. He said if things worked while he was out that it would hit testing the first week of June.

So if that became common knowledge many people would have started a hype thread and tried to take time off to jump on testing and see what they could do with farming, etc., etc., etc… Excitement ensues and the general community then starts doing the math by saying that we have maybe 1, 2, 3 weeks at most before farming his production. Plans and schedules are adjusted, hype continues, world stops breathing waiting for the BIG FARMING UPDATE!!!

Farming didn’t hit testing…

So how did that earlier information that it was supposed to hit testing help anyone?

It did NOT and would not because it didn’t happen.

Then people want to know that it didn’t hit testing as planned. This could be fair if the original “timing” had been communicated. But it was not, so needing to know that it didn’t hit testing isn’t needed.

Plus, once you start communicating that you miss scheduled dates then this community starts demanding WHY it didn’t hit testing or starting rumors about what is wrong with farming or when will it finally hit, or blah blah blah blah. Or things like why the developers couldn’t code or whatever - referencing the comments about “lazy developers.”

In the end, the community starts to second guess or try to micro-manage the developers because they think they know best or want what they want in how the game should be communicated.

Please stop. Respect the developers and understand that the situation they are faced with FIRST before yourselves. You’re allowed to disagree but in the end respect that they have reasons and in their eyes they are good reasons. We are allowed to challenge the developers but right now most people are just complaining and not challenging in a constructive way.

Complaining about no roadmap, no communication, no X, Y, Z doesn’t help anyone here. It just makes the community argue - as shown in this post. And it makes some of the community talk bad about the developers or don’t understand a point when they clearly do.

Instead of complaining about no roadmap maybe understand WHY there is not one. Maybe instead of complaining about no communication maybe understand WHY it is lacking. Once you understand from their perspective, then maybe we can find ways to help get those things working better.


And how do you suggest things could work better? From reading you, I get the vibe that we should shut-up, that a roadmap would not help, and neither would communicating more…


Maybe we could pool enough to send this rolling up to their door too, I’m guessing they need it… :joy:



Hmm we could pool for the beer but getting that rainbow delivered too would be a real hard one to pull off


Gleambows, they can conjure that part of it up. :wink:


Even tho it was not directed at me I feel the need to reply. What I said in the part you quoted of me is that it would have been helpful to let people know that the next update to hit Testing would include Farming. Not a date in sight in that whole quote…

The problem for quite a few people I’ve seen was that no one knew what was going to be next, everyone hoped for farming but they didn’t know. Letting us know that THAT would be the next update would helped quite a bit already.

And the devs are clever enough to even include things as “we do hope to release it in week x but lots of things can happen so it’s not sure that we will” which would ensure to give us a bit of a time frame and a reason to not clear our schedules since it’s not a hard release date…


we have a roadmap
farming is up next and the hunter enemy


If I recall the last time they did that people threw a complete temper tantrum when they missed the day they tentatively set for the world wipe last August.