Signs of life from the devs?


LMAO yeahh for sure but I aint going anywhere until server closes Im just making an assessment/


Lol. Well just to be safe where can I find your base… you know so I can “save” your beacon.


TBH, in terms of communication and transparency from Wonderstruck, that’s all I’ve always been asking for.


I run the Capital of xafrant all by my lonesome would love a lil footfall love lol


Uh. Xa frant… sorry there’s no saving you. I’m pretty sure there only a couple hours till that Exo expires. Hahaha


LOL true dat! All good things must come to an end lol


Yeaaaaah… :unamused:
Pretty sure Xa Frant isn’t the only world in that situation. I feel there is something to be said about the concept of blinksecs, and how we depend a lot on the how the Portal Seekers network is setup at a given time.
Anyway, not the topic at hand…


XaFrants been dead since I started building in November. I made Viceroy then the next day someone (HOST always thought it was a Dev) threw down 7,252 plots and its still there to this day not much on it.

Ok sorry for the offtopic it was heading south anyway to be honest though lol.


Apparently no sign of life from devs down south either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if you get good dye’s we come trow down a farm :smile:


Will it be the next update tho? Or is it the Warp Wraith that will be added? Or QoL updates? Or surprise content? or all of it?

We don’t know, I think it would help a lot if they came out and told us “yeah, farming is the next update but we ran into some issues and even tho we wanted to release it xx weeks ago on Testing we had to postpone it. We’re doing everything we can to get it to you ASAP”.

This doesn’t take much time and would help quite a few people. I don’t need the ins and outs of how farming works already, just an acknowledgement that it’s gonna be next.

Well, I don’t really need that confirmation myself, since I actually do know Farming and placeable lava/water is what is going to hit Testing next. I have heard that they hoped to release it on Testing last week, yes James told me, no idea if he likes it that I’m writing this here now but I’m doing it in the hopes it helps people somewhat.
I’ve also heard from someone else that they were told it was already supposed to be on Testing the week before that.

And yes, there IS a reason we have not seen Umbris planets yet…

Heck, why isn’t @James making one of us an information liason or something, not a community manager per se, but one who has contact with James and/or other devs and tries to inform the rest of us of what’s going on?


i think cuz he would need to 1. find someone super trustworthy has to not spread false info or say someting like “oh yea rent worlds are comeing out next week” when james ment next month and 2. someone willing to then be pinged spamed with the legion of questions following whatever they where relying


Yeah, but still, it could help, and heck no, I sure as heck would not want to be that person, haha…

Perhaps James should make an alt account called ‘Jimmy’ who posts short stuff like that, then logs off quickly until it releases! :smiley:


And it could also be a disaster, A player should not be put in that kind of position, they are likely to make a mistake, or crack under the pressure the community will put on them as all of the sharp pointy ends of random objects are now pointed at this person, who may or may not have the training or mindset to be a PR person.

This can also create the problem of people getting upset, „Why did this person get chosen to be the face of the game?“ „How come I was not?“, That is bad news on all accounts.

No, The PR person for boundless should be someone who is hired by wonderstuck, and preferably someone who is not a current player, Unless that person can be trained to keep their work persona and normal player persona 100% Isolated from each other and live the life of two different people in the world of boundless, This is a unrealistic expectation to pose on to most people.

Furthermore by it being someone that is hired by wonderstuck and works for them, they offer themselves some protection against the person going rouge and creating a problem.

This is pointless. If james had time or the will to do this. He would just do it himself on his main account. The problem here is either there is no information to give, Or there is not enough time for him to deal with trying to do it himself.


Lots of comments up above and didn’t read them all. Just want to put in my two cents and say maybe the devs are getting tired, or becoming disheartened about boundless. To that I would say push through it! Take breaks, but keep pedaling. Boundless is a giant cheeseburger of potential right now. Curly fries and a milkshake are just a few well implemented updates away. Keeping boundless out of the zone of forgotten gems might take some firm and heavy steps. Let the little bugs slide, this gem needs refinement! :gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem:


Volunteering as a mod/leader/thing is rough enough. I would pity the fool who agreed to such a position.


It was started on a weekend because i wasnt at work :slight_smile: , not a deliberate attempt to ask a question when they cant reply- not to mention i had no idea they work a mon-fri basis.

Oh & you say wait til they are around e.g. the week, then say i last spoke to them at the weekend :slight_smile:


I also think putting a player into the position of a liaison could lead to trouble. You need a professional community manager who knows how not to crumble under the pressure of the community.

He shouldn’t have to tell you privately anything. He should be posting that publicly on the forums, in one convenient thread. They have an Announcement section just for that!
The more he tells things privately, the more it legitimizes the spreading of rumors.

I dunno, there are so many ways to deal with that kind of situation…

I personally like the way Coffee Stain deals with it, by making Youtube videos that are often very very relaxed or trolly, to give back to their community in more ways than one. Like this video where he’s like “yeah, sorry, the update will be late, so this week, instead of talking about the update, here’s a dumb tutorial for this australian chocolate powder”.

Not saying Wonderstruck should start doing that now. But even “sorry, no update this week” is good news.


Going to skip a loooot of the conversation here and jump right to the end.

Yes we are hear working away, its just a busy period of the year where people are on holiday, and we are rapidly approaching getting testing ready for farming. We are a very small team, and while sometimes we do get a chance to get a 5 second peak at the forums, we can be there to respond to every single question! (Not to mention this was asked over a weekend, we need some time off!)
So just be patient and i hope we can have some big announcements for you this week at some point!