Signs of life from the devs?


No offense, but I don’t think you can really compare what you’re doing with a team of professionals working with Square Enix, who have a game at about 40$ to 60$, AND with a store to sell cosmetics AND a subscription system (BTW, usually, that’s not cool to have even the first two at once). They also had a crowd-funding period where they raised a quite a lot of money, from what I remember.

I’d be surprised to learn that they have budget issues, honestly…


I’d say at least 70% of all game devs communicate LESS than Boundless does. There was a update on Steam Community Forums just yesterday. We had a hotfix update 11 days ago. We already know what’s going to be in the Farming update mostly.

What do people want? A post every week that says, “Yes, we’re still coding and making art assets.” There’s no news because there’s no news. They’re coding and making art assets for the farming update, they’ve told us.


I have been explicit in what I’m asking for. A weekly state of the game and a roadmap.

That can encompass questions and answers about various mechanics/issues, a progress report from each department including where they are at, etc.

It’s an opportunity to excite the community about upcoming work and provoke feedback/dialogue.

If you want an example of a developer that is communicating constantly, look at Massive Entertainment’s handling of The Division 2. Weekly State of the Game stream where they address community issues brought up from the week prior. They openly discuss their mistakes and issues - they are honest and clear with the community, even if they disagree with them.

ArenaNet, for guild wars 2, if you want an MMO example, also has very aggressive communication and feedback both on forums, streams, and web posts.

It’s okay to expect more.


Community management, that’s what.

Again, it’s really simple :


they are working on farming update - everybody knows that

what’s there to talk about?


Ok lets break this down as simple as possible. We know the devs are around, but we have to take the time to consider that it takes a lot of time to get game data ready for release. As someone studying 3D modeling I can say that every single model even those that are reused making sure alternate colors stay applied to every single variant of trunks and stone. and then you have to consider the amount of time coding and nav meshing is going to take along with generating each individual planet, so the debs are around, but keep in mind its a small team working on the game they read the forums in short bursts and may not have time to respond. So be patient they know we are here waiting.


You’re right. It’s not comparable. Team or not, I hope you’re not trying to insinuate that making a game of Boundless’ scale is actually easier.


I’m contacting Shigeru Miyamoto to let him know I’d like an update on the next Mario ASAP!


I dont know whats going on but from my experience of years of MMOs when posts start popping up like this,and you add in the low population it doesnt bode well for the state of the game or its future sadly.


No, I was implying that they’re likely not having budget issues.

As a matter of fact, they made several videos to showcase what you’ll be able to do in the future Mario Maker 2.


These posts have existed for a year. These are nothing new.


How doses them saying anything or not change the fact? If the devs wanted to, they could easily fabricate something to post here while spending most of their time on this other „Project“ you have in mind, News or not that doesn’t prove or suggest one way or another. This statement almost feels like you are trying to pressure/provoke the devs into responding to it.

Stop hoping then, Just let it come, Your anxiety is not going to change the speed of which it comes, Relax.

Maybe they don’t want to commit to a time and date which they might fail to meet, I rather the devs say nothing at all, then give a time and date only for them to have to push the time and date back because they were wrong, which I have seen so many other game devs do.

Not every player, I still Refuse to create a shop.

What a Racket. The devs give a modest amount of updates.

If you know it, then it might as well be public knowledge, as you do not work for wonderstuck or signed an NDA. And anything coming from you or any other player for that matter is most likely Heresay anyway so there is no reason to not share it.


Exactly my point ty


Oh come on, those were gameplay trailers to announce a new game, you cannot be serious about comparing that with post-launch game updates.

No Mario game, let alone most Nintendo games, have had weekly, or even monthly updates from the head developers.

The vast majority of games don’t give the updates people want, and to mention The Division 2, an AAA game, (as well as Guild Wars 2) is disingenuous given the size and funding of those teams.

The only reasonable thing I’ve seen suggested is just pin a roadmap to the top of the forum and keep all updates there.

League of Legends and WoW have had those posts for years also.


Just lock the thread this is going to turn into a ****fest. @Stretchious


Population is under 200 on the daily avg not comparable at all to the others you mentioned sorry.


This is meaningless because the game can still go Free to Play and have a huge marketing push. I wouldn’t be concerned.


I always said from day one this needs to be free to play so we can agree on that one.


If it gets to one I can be viceroy of all worlds. It’ll be like I’m playing minecraft by myself again. I can’t wait to scavenge everyone’s stuff. You thought your workshop was big… just wait. Mwahahaha ha ha.


I’m curious as to why this thread was started on a weekend?

I honestly don’t see anything good coming out of this thread at all to be honest. Wait until Monday, when the devs are actually at work … I’m sure we’ll hear something then … even if it’s just a case of “farming isn’t ready yet”.

Last time I spoke to James (last weekend), is that all of the devs are working hard trying to get the farming update done and into our hands, so rest assured it is being done.