Simple Tool to Assist with Gleambow Item Sorting

If you’re like us, you’ve got a ton of different colors and items from the gleambow event, and are trying to figure out how to manage it all. The community has taken to using the color ID for sorting/ordering items and to make trading and comparison faster. e.g. I’ll trade rock 30 for rock 175. But to use this you’ll still need to know what the ids of the items you have are. While this can be done with a request basket it is slow.

Our guild member DocBlock came up with a very simple solution and it seemed useful enough to share. He changed the strings which the game stores the color names in to also include the color id.

You can access the file with the new names here:

Download the file and copy it to …steam/steamapps/common/Boundless/assets/archetypes/strings/english.json

In the interest of transparency, I am also including the code that was used to alter the file below. You won’t need the code, but can check that it is only changing the names and not doing anything malicious.


import json

with open(‘english.json’) as json_file:
data = json.load(json_file)
for key, value in data.iteritems():
if key.startswith(‘GUI_PALETTECOLOR_’):
number = key.split(‘_’, 2)
number = number[2]
newdata[key]=‘%s %s’%(value, number)

with open(‘englishnumbers.json’,‘w’) as outfile:
json.dump(newdata,outfile, indent=4, sort_keys=True)


Since that code didn’t paste properly with indentation, here’s a link to a gist with the code properly formatted.

Is this different from the one in Small UI mods ?

This is great. Now only if we could have it auto sort by number for us haha.

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It appears to make the same changes to color palette names as Small UI Mods. If a few people independently thought it was a good idea, that must mean its a GREAT idea!!!


Can i get assistance with getting this mod working again on newer game version?

They changed the way the language string are used ingame. People need to rework the mods so it can work again.


A better way to sort is now:
Fill a single plot beacon with chests
Put all your stuff in the chests

Now everything is sorted by color (and more)!


will have to give that go. but probably doesn’t help my shop sorting :frowning:

Yeah - helps a little at least.

Honestly I would sort your shop by color not number. Way easier. It looks nice too.

Check out Van Goo’s Paints (you’ve probably seen though)


Its easier for the customer to look by color name than numbers.

What i did for my personal storage is that i sorted by color name then for each color name by their shades.


i think i have seen it. Probably would work if i rebuilt my warehouse.

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no way, seriously? holy cow i have to try this… i’m expanding my workshop a plot in each direction to put color building stuff in a color ring outside the second ring of mats that get processed and small walls with various ambitions & mixes & sortmes on it that gets accessed a lot… i sooooo want to make a groovy stored-by-color thing so i don’t immediately regret scrambling my sort-by-type-and-how-much uninspiring setup now. i was sposed to just sell the stuff but want to build stuff

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where is it?

Mall spot f0 @Solgato


If this could be added as an option to all inventory/storage screens, I might be tempted to start playing again, rather than just forum lurking!

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Yeah when a store has them by number I need to look up the number somewhere first. So not handy.

I have my sorted colour storage sorted by name, so does my concrete shop.

Though for goo I’ve been thinking to start sorting by base colour name, so all reds together, etc.

Also about this mod when it still worked, it could also be annoying since you could not use the named colours any more in signs without also adding the number!

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I tried running the code on the english.json file in my game’s directory. I was able to change the english.json file to add the numbers to each string, but when I load the game it does not appear to be used. I noticed that the game now has an english.msgpack file which I do not think was there before. I think the game is now loading from this new file and the other file is just kept as a legacy. You can even delete the english.json (Make a copy first) and the game loads just fine.The msgpack files are compressed and a lot more difficult to work with.

You can unpack them and then repack. Did that for a bunch of changes I made in creative mode…

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Any utils to recommend for unpack?