Slide physics bug

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There seems to be a physics issue related to slides that, on occasion, causes the player to ramp off of an otherwise completely smooth slide. Basically it looks like the player jumps… Even when no inputs have been made.

I recorded several instances of this happening however I couldn’t find a way to reliably reproduce it. I tried all sorts of different ways of entering the slide and could eventually get the bug to happen with all of them. I tried slowly entering the slide, I tried letting go of Creep while already on the slide, as well as jumping into the slide… etc

Mukaltar’s slide
1N -2086E alt 200 on Dzassak


Are there blocks underneath the ice? You could be clipping off of one of those blocks corners? Some instances, blocks clip through sloped blocks

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Could be… I didn’t build the slide and I didn’t think to look and see what was underneath it. I’ll have a look a bit later. I do remember that the slide was made out of decorative ice if that makes any difference.

Deco ice shouldn’t make a difference, I’m there now giving it an inspection. I’ve done ALOT of the stuff with ice/chiselled moving’ness, I think if the blocks beneath were removed or simple unchiselled then that would sort the issue :slight_smile:

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Not sure but that looks beveled to me. Have you tried it on slope (or the other way around).

Bevel has a the power to do some odd things.

Also combo maybe of bevel and double or higher jump. See on my runner that he auto jums most times when running over square and bevel blocks.

Yeh it’s beveled, it needs to be beveled because of the design. The builder said it gives them more flexibility (there is ALOT more slide, its really cool). I ran it without jump epic and still get the bump sometimes, also the Jump Epic auto jump only works if you’re holding forward


The currently design is on the left, but I believe the bump wouldn’t happen if those blocks were removed, like on the right

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Bevel is the best :grin: most used chisel :wink:.

Think its one of the side effects of bevel then (square has the same iffy issues if you go fast over it). Think that was one of the reasons others use slope in previous slides.

Its like climbing up is on of your elevator thingys. Standing on a full corner.

Think you just silde now and then over a “hard edge” and fly.

Could be cant splatter one down atm Or i would test it :wink:

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First: Thank you for your testing and suggestions :slight_smile:

Second: Only a little part of the slide is designed like your left picture (the beginning of the first slide). The rest is like the right picture because I was to lazy until now to do more like this :smiley:.


Ahh i see, so do you also get the bump on the parts of the slide that are deigned like the right image?

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Thanks a lot Jiivita for your time and making this video! Maybe there will be a fix of this issue one day :smiley:.

If so take a look if you can simulate it by un chiseling a 3/4 edge (lip of 1/4 that is straight) [the block under the max bevel block].

Or one of the 1/4 blocks.

Ill do it later tonight when im back but if you get what i mean than thats the problem.

Yes, it can happen everywhere on all the slides (which are built like the right picture) but randomly and not reproducible until now.

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I don‘t get what you mean, sorry :sweat_smile:. I already use unchiseld blocks for slide jumps which are desired. Maybe you should visit it to have a look :slight_smile:. It is easy accessible via Mega Mall, Dzassak. The portal signed „Berlin Dungeon“ next to the Besevrona Portal at the Mega Mall portal hub.

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Ill come check later :wink: and build one with what i mean. Check if i can replicate it.

So finally home :wink: slapped a slide down and made some shots and a vid.

So what i think is happening is something with the bevel block “loading or what evere you can call it😉

Bevel and square block have the issue of “hidden edges” meaning if you chisel said block you can walk on the opposite side of the block edge like this.

So they already have a flaw in the “chiseling action.

And i think what is happening is because you bevel (both make the same flaw here and there noticed that on square chiseled stairs character jumps a few block further)
now and then you get an invisible edge. Resulting in to this.

Even tough you beveled the green ice some how it misses it or something.

Here is a vid of me going of the slide with that edge. And i think this is what is happening.

[edit] short vid but and slide sorry for that :wink: almost up for 23 hours now so really sleepy :wink:

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This came up some time ago with other slides thats why the where build with slope. Might be able to solve this problem by widening the slide or building a ceiling on it to limit the jump.

Ok thank you, I get now what you mean and for me it‘s still a bug :slight_smile:, for which I will hope that it will maybe fixed in the future. The slide park without bevelling is not an option for me because of less flexibility and it took weeks to build the six slides until now lol. So my solution for now is to just build more slides which you can hit, if you involuntarily jump of another slide :smiley:.

Thank you for your explanations and the video!

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Np understand the flexibility of bevel chiseling rarely use slope my self :wink: it sure is a “bug” but its also something that depends on usage.
Like @Ovis used for the jump elevator (or other genius projects).

Anyway happy this made sense :wink:. But this is something i see at a some of my bevel/square chisel work. (Terra Nova stairs going to the mine are square chiseled but on occasion the character jumps away from the stairs Like on the slide :wink:).

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