Slingbow - Base Projectile Weapon Concept

Just sharing some concept art for the design of the Projectile Weapon, The Sling Bow :smile:


Personally prefer 4 in bow design with 3 in ammo :smiley:

nice! Will this be the only ranged weapon type though?

ps: fanart modells incoming :lester: :wink:


personally i like it but how about a slight slant in the handle, or even a more crossbow type design with a stock which goes into the shoulder

but 4 is my fav

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I like 4, with type 2 ammo. Only thing I would change is making the rocks on the ammo smaller.


I’m with above poster… crossbow 4 with ammo 2. However abit smaller tips on the ammo. Looks abit to clumpsy now…


I second this

#4 is definitely my favourite weapon, but none of the ammo looks aerodynamic enough for a crossbow.

A simple wooden shaft with a small crystal for the head and some fletchings at the back would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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The crossbows are my favs. Like crossbows more than bows anyway ;D

4 all the way for the weapon, but I think a composite of 2 and 7 for the ammo would be awesome.

Impossible to choose a favorite concept this time :smile:

Since the concepts are always numbered anyway, how about adding a poll to the next concept art thread? So you could see the community favorite at a glance.

Ima be " that guy" and say 3 because i dont want a “copy n pasteo” crossbow like “4” is, the others are fine for the standard slingshot though, i like those.

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4 and 6 are my favorites for the weapons
Ammos 1 and 2 for sure also :smiley:
The handle for 3 (including the two oort cubes attached) looks great for a longbow.

Since most of the ammo has crystals inside, are they going to explode / shatter on impact?

Ranged attacks are my thing!! I love the #1 sling bow and #7 ammo

or maybe a slingbow that shoots arrows?

I am excited about this one! :heart_eyes:

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I like weapon number 5 with ammo number 4. Suddently, badminton seems so much more scary :wink:

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My votes are for 2 & 4, with ammos 5 & 7.

I can has all pls :blush:

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I’d say weapon 4 with ammo 2 or weapon 1 with ammo 3

The world is made out of 1x1m solid cubes. We’re not aiming for realism :wink: