Smart Slopes

I cant express how much I love the ability to slope things but there is something that really annoys me when I build with them: It is impossible to make decent looking builds by using slopes and walls/slabs next to each other:

I think it would be amazing if slopes would change like this if they detect adjacent walls/slabs:

I know this is not a huge issue or necessary but I think this would enable a lot more building options.


Wow that would be amazing, the options that would open up for detailed builds

It’s not impossible to achieve what you want at the moment. It just uses more space^^ And the angle would be a little bit different.

Looks and sounds like a good idea,so if the devs. can make it work,I’m all in.

yeah, this would be tremendously handy. Ditto a similar system for square edges

Right now it feels like we’re building with duplo blocks; we could use some Lego blocks for some more finesse. (A lot of builds feel like they’re made got giants atm)

I like this :+1:

This is a great idea

Thanks for the positive feedback @everyone.
Now I´d just like to hear if this is doable within a reasonable amount of work from one of the devs.

genius idea! would help diversify builds more

Holy necropost batman XD

Still a good idea

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