So Many New Colors


So I went out hunting and it took awhile but ended up spawning over a dozen shiny new meteors, two of which were made completely of gleam.

There are so many colors! Only have 1-5 of each of these, except black, which is 5-6X more abundant.

Already put a few to good use though :grin:

Please post things you’ve done with the new colors!


I wonder what a black gleam lantern would look like. I might have to make one.


I am saving most of mine for decorative highlights, especially the foliage. :grin:


Also gravel is pretty epic looking. Got fuchsia and black really great looking


Gravel is black on Angel I. Makes nice looking refined gravel too. I can send you a location later for a big pile of black gravel if you’d like.


Havent ever payed that much attention to it. Prefer these colorful ones. Hehe


Make a black lantern and post a picture


Black gravel is native to one planet if you want more, don’t remember the name though, Angel 1 maybe?


There’s other blacks for ash and thorns I’ve seen spawn special on gleam meteors. You don’t get much so good for effect on some arty pieces.


here is couple shots from my colorful journey


I would post things ive built with new gleam but you know, meteors only give you a couple sooo :unamused:
Guess im gunna have to spend a ridiculous amount of time hunting. Id also be willing to buy some new colors too


We seem to be hitting different meteors my colours are mainly in the pastel colour range


Sorry ■■■■ picture. Not sure how to save and share from ps4.


I like the look. Is it the actual light source in the picture?


yeah, the black gleam gives off a nice subtle bit of light. Also lovely texture in raw form…wish the dark glass was more like this…


Have you made a list of the colors that you got from gleambow racing?

Buying all new gleam colors 750 each

Heya bud. Not sure if there’s an easier way to do it, but I just take a screenshot with capture gallery on PS4 then attach it to a PSN message (alt account works great for this.) After doing so, I access said message with the PS Messages app and save the image to my phone. Probably not the best way, but I’ve been doing that for years. :joy:

Those lanterns do look pretty rad. :+1:t2:


If you have a twitter you can also link that to your psn and post it there and save from twitter


Yes that’s from the latern I made it a dark room first.


Every color is available in the gleambow racing. Easy way to see the colors is look thru the colors you can make your character. It’s all completely rng. No two meteors are the same. Plus some are foliage or rock even sponge and others