So my brain turned off for a couple hours today

Head explodes :joy:
Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake on the PS4 :heart_eyes:

Now I need to buy a PS4… :anguished: that’s a lot of money

I’m feeling Kinda Ambivolent about this :dizzy_face:

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If the fantasy was final, how comes there’s fourteen of 'em? What’s next?

Final Fantasy XV : A Whole Lot More Final
Final Fantasy XVI: We Mean It This Time
Final Fantasy XVII: Okay, You Caught Us

I’m so glad I didn’t get into console gaming. There’s just too much to keep track of.


im probably just going to buy all the consoles now, i have pros and cons of both but i hate the fact the online is paid for especcaily when sony is always getting hacked

I’ll probably buy a ps4 as soon as Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. But I hope it’s as cheap as possible until then^^

Very excited for that remake – VII is my favourite game of all time. PS4 has a bunch of great games :thumbsup:


Wait so your haed did not explode yesterday when they anounce Doom and Dishonered 2?

Or the bloody awesome fallout 4 feature?


And Doom is the goriest Game of E3.

Also Fallout 4 mod support for Xbox1

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I use a Mac
Bathesda has never been very accommodating
and I didn’t play Doom as a kid

yup but im not sure if i like that as much

Oh and dark souls 3

Why not?

Well ther is that.

Well it will be the fact that Console gamers give ■■■■ to pc gamers alot all ready, and now they will expect pc gamers to make mods for them, where as they can’t contribute to the mod selection, also console gamers that grab these mods will most likely just download it and never credit the maker or even acknowledge them.

It is a great idea but its also got bad things in it.

Hmmm most pc players does the exact same thing.

There is no bad things in the idea. The gamer community in general is rotten to the core though and that is a problem.

yes but pc players alwasy have the option to create mods where as the consoles wont.

Most consol players have a pc though and the fact that more players uses the mods are not going to damage the modding community.

yes but to mod the game you need to own the game for the pc or else the creation kit won’t work trust me ive tried without the game it doesnt


Can’t we all just play games and be happy. PC, console, mobile… does it matter?


unfortunatley this is the world we live in where we humans fight over everything, including tacos.

The problem are the people that start a fight because you point out facts, like specs of a system. And the fight grows bigger and bigger until either side just hates the other without a real reason.
I’d be happy to live without things like that. But unfortunately it’s how humans are.


Screw that, I can’t wait for yoshi’s woolly world.

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