So, prestige changes...are we ready? do you care?


I’m looking forward to it. Gleam towers will hopefully become a thing of the past when it comes to prestige/settlement wars and those who still build gleam towers will build them simply because that’s what the builder likes to build. Depending on the tower, I personally think some of them look pretty cool.

I’m also looking forward to using and seeing others use more natural stuff in their builds. Like, seeing more trees and natural surroundings being blended into towns and cities etc. will be a very welcome sight.

So, yea, I think the prestige changes are a positive step forward and I’m looking forward to that. :slight_smile:


These drops in EVERYTHING though… how will that affect the percentage of footfall since it seems that prestige will be now tied to number of blocks rather then quality of blocks?

Like, I’m pretty sure my “settlements” will definitely see a huge hit with everything dropped. (Hopefully offset by the sheer amount of chiseling I do).


There seems to be more multipliers to offset the lower amounts, but only time will tell.


Also… did I miss the decorative woods in this? I couldn’t find them.


Looks like decorative wood is 12, the same as decorative stone.


Thank you! I couldn’t find it! I wonder how that will affect my new build… hehehe.


if they lower it we can just go get more gives us something to do
also it lowers for everybody so it does not Mather
combining chisels seem like a cool challenge
plus it give reason to rebuild my stuff and use less off the same but still make it matching color palette
ow and i still gonna make a vaults cause they look cool :sunglasses:
also got a feeling that the real artist builders gonna be happy after this update
only negative i see is the fact that i love plaza’s and big open spaces
not sure but a plots with air and a single floor is gonna get low count
but then it challenges me to make my buildings bigger and better

so im pretty positive about it even if it lowers my prestige

and dead to cube tower finally

less of this image
more off this image


Havok40k’s pro guide to getting the most out of prestige.

  1. meticulously plan your build and choose your materials and colors of choice.
  2. build something you’re proud of!
  3. ignore prestige scores.
    Congratulations! You’ve got a wonderful build!


pheww i thought you gonna reveal 4 5 6 and 7 aswell
we better keep those secret :sunglasses:


That’s Illuminoorti trade secrets, shh


@Pfiffel did some test if i remember over this and the multiplier seems to be higher than before, so the reduction in prestige won’t do much unless you have a build made mostly of one block type.


I’m expecting a couple of my builds to drop under 10k cuz I gamed it (footfall co-op, etc) but I’ll just play the new game to get those over the cliff again.

Most of my builds I don’t think about footfall at all so I’m not expecting any worries from them.

Excited to see the aesthetic trends change throughout the game tho. I think the new rules discourage some of the more prevalent styles


I’m waiting to see how this works out. My main base is all wood and foliage, and it looks like both might receive a ‘relative’ boost.

I do have some timber and refined wood, but mostly it’s all structurally refined wood. I’ve a mix of colors of the same type of block and I’m not sure how much of a difference that will make.

The new rules will develop some predominant styles though, in my opinion.

It’s not just that people are going to min/max for the algorithm, which they will. I think that the more there is discussion of, and attention to the system the more it will affect people’s decisions.

It will also cause some people to build against the ‘rules’ for the sake of it. Now that it’s not branded as a prestige grab or gaming the system so much I might finally build that gleam tower I always wanted.

I love glowing rocks.

I think it’s going to be like a reverse-ai experiment. The system parameters will change and the people will slowly evolve over to reflect the new direction. It would be awesome to have a world viewer with flight and time-lapse.

The hard cap on meshes puts a stop to this pretty quickly. People have enough problems just getting their build functional sometimes.

The current system uses multipliers to avoid spamming blocks. Adding empty plots to my build actually increases my prestige. Since the new system is even more dependent on multipliers, I wouldn’t expect this to be a real issue.

I think that prestige is going to be noticeably affected by a larger variety of things, rather than just quality of blocks. Personally.


I am in the air. I think I would see an increase, being roughly 30-35% is chiseled.
But also disappointed that they just say “same blocks” might decrease prestige.

I have used a LOT of bricks. Since castles are not created out of machined metals or wood. If i want to keep the general look, bricks is needed in my build. So I guess it depends on the % they used to calculate an overuse of a certain block type. Or does that block type have to match color index also?

Too many questions and variables over all to know.

But I do use a chisel way too much.


you could install sponge insulation a mix off different planet sponge gives best result
i heard at the brico :smile:


Each tower is filled with random deco stones & wood, with a few machined Iron ones lol. They aint hollow.


Hard cap on meshes is one problem that could just make player go building to fields instead of building block towers to achieve wanted prestige. I am afraid this could lead more area conflicts or maybe block areas to fall meteorites if I have understood right that meteorites can only fall wild (not reserved) area.

Still it is just prestige but I hope next “prestige meta” is not something like sun light blocking mesh fields.


I’m thinking about a large build near a friend’s large build on a higher level world right now. Not for prestige reasons. Partly just to do something “epic” and also to address mesh limits. I would love a storage tower but it’s not really possible to manage any volume of storage that way. Add on the space (and mesh) requirements for machine placement in a tight enough space to keep from having a ton of little spark towers all about and it’s a logistical challenge to scale pretty far.

Think about storage for just one stack of each of 256 colors of 3 stone types, 3 foliage types, soil, gravel, sand, gleam, sponge, 3 trunk, 3 grass … It goes on and on. Choices must be made.

To some extent this will be the evolution hopefully the balance of new worlds as existing ones get plotted up will be manageable.


Only did a little experimenting, but it does seem like there is a lot more potential for bonuses now.

And that was without any chiseling too, which did not seem to not work at all though (perhaps it will only apply with a higher block count?).

I do like that decorative wood and rock relatively speaking get a lot more value (no nerf compared to other blocks and higher bonuses on top of that). But it is really hard to estimate how existing builds will be affected without knowing more details about the bonuses.


Still no votes for hating the changes…let’s hope that continues when the patch drops tomorrow!

(big thanks to @Kirinvar for creating that poll!)

Going to be interesting to see how things settle though also going to be very distracted by the exoplanets to begin with!