So, prestige changes...are we ready? do you care?


Hello community,

Focus has been almost entirely been on rock xp and connected subjects this week but I’m interested in how people are feeling towards the upcoming prestige changes, as I think they might come as a bit of a shock to some.

I think there will be a range of reactions when this hits (next week?), from the uninterested to those upset if prestige falls a fair bit.

Thought this might serve as a pre-emptive strike, as it were, to prepare ourselves and maybe to soften the blow when it does land.

For myself, I have been trying to “game” the system somewhat by using a lot of reinforced iron behind walls and such…not solid chunks but trying to add prestige somewhat subtly but I have tried to build stuff that I actually like overall.
I will be a tad miffed if my prestige drops a fair bit but I knew I was playing the system and hints of changes have been around since the beginning.

So, please comment below on your own thoughts on your own expectations etc


  • The prestige system has had major work in rebalancing both prestige rewarded per block type, and by the total calculation of prestige within a beaconed area.
  • The main aim was to rebalance the prestige values for all blocks so that they are more accurately related to the cost of collection and production. This brings them up to date with changes to the rarity of blocks since the prestige system was added to the game.
  • The prestige calculation has also been updated to better reward sufficient variation.
  • All blocks will now give prestige, including: Soil, Rocks, Foliage and Trunks, which will now count towards your total.
  • All meshes will also give prestige: machines, doors, poles, beams, torches, storage, flowers, etc.
  • The only items that don’t give prestige are Air, Mantle, Water and Lava.
  • Prestige algorithm changes:
    • The old prestige system calculated prestige as the sum of all block prestige for placed blocks in the beacon, combined with a percentage bonus of that prestige based on variation of blocks, otherworldly colours and chiselling, and the amount of built vs unbuilt space within the beacon. The problems were that users were able to spam high prestige blocks in a solid block and get massive prestige, whilst the percentage bonuses often meant that placing a block could actually reduce your prestige instead due to the bonuses fluctuating and having a much larger negative impact than the small positive increase in the base prestige.
    • The new prestige system works such that prestige will never, ever decrease as a result of adding a block, chiselling a block, or adding a plot to the beacon and works to prevent spamming a single category of block from providing large prestige boosts; the increase in prestige may be minuscule or even 0 (eg, spamming a single category of block too much), or may add more prestige than it normally would do (eg, if you previously had spammed a single category of block, but the changes now being made are evening out the distribution so that those blocks that previously gave little to no prestige are now permitted to provide more), but will never reduce the prestige.
    • The system of percentage bonuses is reworked into instead providing extra prestige without respect to the base prestige of the beacon, again in such a way that adding a block, chiselling a block or adding a plot to the beacon will never reduce prestige, but may provide little to no extra prestige, or more than would normally.
    • The chiselled bonus now takes variation of chiselling into account so that the maximum prestige requires a decent variation of chiselled shapes so that spamming the beacon with a single chisel shape type will not produce a large prestige boost.
    • Some beacons may find that they now get a prestige boost compared to before, but others prestige will be reduced, sometimes greatly should the old system have been abused too much. However in general prestige will remain fairly constant across all beacons.
    • Fixed a bug in prestige where metal doors would be classified as otherworldly in colour.


You forgot the poll! :joy:

  • I like the changes.
  • I hate the changes.
  • I don’t care.

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  • I expect my prestige to drop.
  • I expect my prestige to rise.
  • I expect my prestige to stay roughly the same.

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Let's Discuss Prestige

I was waiting for you, can’t do everything myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to build with wood and logs and include a lot of nature into my builds, so I’m quite curious how the changes will affect my prestige.
It’s usually very low under the current system.


I hope they don’t drop machined alloy too much, it still takes quite a lot to end up getting a good amount of that stuff.

I expect I will see a rise in prestige for my build that is literally built into a few trees. I wish water added some prestige though. Building with water is a cool idea.


@Pfiffel posted a sheet in discord that listed all of the new prestige for blocks. Maybe if we ask nice he will add it in the forums.


I stopped caring about prestige once i got the viceroy psn trophy lol. Now i can finally just build whatever. Remodeling my old build and finding stacks of old refined rock, i’m like wow i really used to do this to stay top 5 in my city :joy:

No idea how my prestige will fall though. It will likely stay the same or drop like crazy with all the cold berry mosaic i made. Oh well


I was away for 4 months and lost everything so I guess… I don’t mind :joy:

I expect I would have lost a fair bit of prestige. I was #4 on Raxxa when I played and my build was big but sort of samey (lot of refined stone). I’m happy natural blocks are going to be worth something now. No more losing prestige when placing foliage.

I’m going to start again when the next update drops. Looking forward to it!


Could totally care less. Prestige is such a tiny footnote for me in this game, to the point I don’t ever look at it tbh.


Having wood and foliage count is a big step forward and know of some builds that will certainly benefit.

No pings yet on the “I hate the changes”…this is promising :slight_smile:

Yeah, prestige doesn’t really affect much though I can get a little competitive and that, coupled with my desire to build an extensive build, has made me push myself up on the planet leaderboards.
Identity was more important to me and that was sorted a while back so not too worried about what’s coming up.


However it affects my builds doesn’t really bother me either way. I am way more concerned about the XP changes, but there are enough threads about that elsewhere.


Never worried to much about prestige, even less now that guilds are out. I am really excited for the natural block changes. I think it will let those that really do care about presige have a larger pallet of viable blocks.


I know I’m never going to make viceroy on Alder, but I have to admit I’m toying with making a run for it at some point on a T6 like Kol Huroo, though there are a few other trophies that would still make the plat very tough. (Edit: If I do this, I will destroy it once I have it. The blight on the landscape will be temporary, I promise.)

But I definitely want the 500k trophy, after that I’m not going to worry about it, just build what I want. About halfway there. And honestly, I could have done it by now if that was my priority, so really not too worried about it. I want it, but I’ll get there when I get there, and given what I’m planning to build underground it should go way past that. Given that my settlement looks like rainbow barf, I might just get a boost anyways… :rofl:


The natural block change is great.

Decorative Mosaic/Marble/Wicker/Gravel being the same prestige as machined iron seems off to me.

Overall though it seems okay, I’m not very prestigious so it won’t affect me much.


He posted in another thread here :slight_smile:

From the post:


Reading this sheet again makes me wtf.
Deco diamond block gives 24, compack 22, diamond torch 16. That looks material wise just looks really strange and promotes to spam mesh blocks too much.


So somehow i actually never went #1. But when guilds released I aligned my beacons to the guild and when the guild hit #1 the achievement popped up on my screen when i walked on the guild hall plot. So either it was a bug or thats how it happens now. I was also #2 or 3 atm so maybe something shifted long enough for me to get the achievement.

Either way im done with it lol


Personally I don’t care about prestige. I consider it another distraction that’s gotten way to much attention and is hindering game progress.


Im kinda excited for it. I know theres things I’ll probably be “docked” for, but I’m really excited to see natural blocks count. :grin:


I had the same idea. I even listed all the planets by Capital prestige level to see which would be the easiest to get… lol