So, prestige changes...are we ready? do you care?


I don’t hate the changes, but I don’t like all of them either. Most of them are fine, a few of them I feel might be a bit punishing for people who prefer to build only using a select few colors (about 3 to 5 colors)

My judgement is reserved until after I see how it impacts builds.

I am not to keen about the removal of the beacon % bonuses from the debug menu, which may or may make it confusing to what aspect is punishing the players build.


From reading the dev’s explanations, I’m pretty sure colors have zero impact on prestige besides being otherworldly or not.
You should be able to get the maximum bonus using a single otherworldly color.
Variety is only important to block types and chiselling.

Testing is already down. I’ll run a quick test tomorrow to find out for sure. :smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing all the gleam towers lose lots of prestige. All these giant rectangles filled with machined iron. Hopefully it’ll get people wanting to build for looks and not just prestige. We’ll see how it effects me as I do build with a limited pallet.


Go to flan. It’s easy. There is one which Tomir and me that are in the lead. I can easily get it back if I invested 30 min there. The points have not budged there since about 2 weeks from that release. I can help you so you can get the trophy if you need.


Thanks, appreciate it! :slight_smile: It may be awhile out - working on my own place first, then will have to hoard resources for the run - but when I make the run may give you a shout then, thanks again!


I have no idea what this will do to my prestige. I didn’t gleam spam, but most of my roads and my main build are made from local mats…but they are all refined or bricks now.

I also have LOTS of variety in the mats I have used, overall. So I might come out of this pretty good.

I need to write down all my prestige numberstonight so I can compare them to the game after the changes.

I did have one of my alts burn every last bit of rock I had along with my last teaching pie. Frankly, I didn’t have a lot of stock. I tend to gather what I need and not much else.


I will see an overall increase I think but I am not to bothered anyhow



Oh no! Not on Flan, there’s where I’m going for too! Haha, Or we could just build it together!

I started my giant boat on build on there. I’m coming for that Capital Status lol.

Slowly. Very slowly.


Happy to help you as I can if you need any (hope you like gaudy box houses), as I’m thinking I wouldn’t make my own run for at least a few months (if I get around to it at all, sidetracked as I get sometimes), so probably no worries for you from me at least! :slight_smile:

Now this would be irony… a few of us get get together to take viceroy on an easier world like this, but others have the same idea, so we get into a prestige war and nobody wants to surrender. Eventual end result pushes Flan’s capital past all the T1s. :rofl:


I can’t find it right now. But I thought i read or (mis)understood that the system would take into account the use of different tints as part of its variation bonus, in addition to rather or not the color is otherworldly,


This would be hilarious, and people would be very confused as to what happened in order to make such a prestigious planet.

I’m actually wanting to make an entire city of boats! With probably a bit of ports. Maybe if we make that gaudy box house into a tower we could make it a giant lighthouse?


Well, your fleet won’t be lacking for plain little wooden lifeboats if I’m involved. :joy: If I had any talent, you’d get a replica of the Bucs pirate ship in RayJay. But I don’t. So dinghies it is! :stuck_out_tongue:


well, lost about 7 million prestige :scream: but still have over 18 mill :sunglasses:
Few of my neighbours, gate empire for one, have increased :kissing_heart:


Pre-Patch Values for comparison:


Lost 500 prestige on one of my road segments, otherwise I got a slight bump on the beacons I had time to check before work. Pretty much what I expected.


Thanks, I forgot to write my prestige number for comparison. Seems like +300k prestige to my home after change.


nearly 2 million more in Quebec ^^ … not bad at all


Well, we can always build together too! Maybe we can make some gaudy block transport ship lol


Haha, yep!! :slight_smile: And really, I do want to learn to build better stuff. I’m slowly improving as I go I think… but I’m finding I’m better with building and decorating underground areas and tunnels than with exteriors. Really, it amazes me what folks here are creating, I’ll just be like how in the world did they figure out how to do THAT? So much is just so seriously impressive.


In my opinion, the people who are being creative with their builds should get the prestige. No offense to the ones who really like machined metal and refined gleam, but it’s generally painfully obvious when someone’s using those materials just to get prestige, and a lot of those builds don’t even look good in my opinion.

Needless to say, I like these changes. :slight_smile: