So, prestige changes...are we ready? do you care?


I agree! My main walkway was machined copper and iron though just because I love the “tnk tnk tnk” sound as you walk on it. It’s supplemented with some plants and lots of chisel work and some floating gem gleams though. I think it’ll take people a lot more thinking to try to work this system though.


You can get the same tink with refined metals though, and I think those look MUCH better. My opinion anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping this update makes people look at the blocks and how they look more than what prestige each block brings because there are a lot of nice blocks that just don’t get the love they deserve.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever used any of the refined metals o.o. I just kept putting it in machines until a recipes end because I thought that was it’s purpose haha. I might try doing something with some refined metals and some gleam for light then.


This is exactly what I mean, because I’ll literally use the refined metals over the machined and everyone seems to praise them when they see it and it’s like they’ve never ever seen the block before. lol


Do you have screenshots or a way to access your settlement? I want to see it!


i find it kind of funny with the change i demolished my build all that is left is dirt and 4 storage blocks yet its still worth 10K prestige


The last one is a wip but hopefully it gives some ideas!


I’m a dope.

I checked my prestige for all my beacons but forgot to check the total. I know High Ridge was 565,134 before the change

Overall, I made out pretty well.

If any of you are curious, here are the before and after off all my beacons, including the little hunting and gathering lodges

Stoneway 338,452-380,212

Soliloquy 66,106-73,426
Lava Plains Lodge 391-370
Winterhome 11,845-13,793

Last Home 17, 035-17,807
The Commune 195-195
Winterhome 12,564-13,793

Riverrun 23,499-23-631
Hideaway 162-269
Lava Plains 402-463
Nox Berry Farm 194-625
The Bricks 989-1,523
Winterhome 12,014-11,448
Wyvern’s Perch 29,636-30,323

The Barony 31,990-36,204
Deep Lodge 195-195
Galan Depths 0-0
Galan Heights 704-572
Unnamed 27-468
Unnamed 527-499
Wayfarer’s Rest 15,535-17,394

The Turn 49,400-53,562

The Ege 13,855-14,354


I really like the WIP the best haha. It has a much more smooth look. I think I saw the refined iron in someones build somewhere and it has a bit of a reflective property, is that right?


Correct. It’s a shiny block really. I’m into modern style architecture so I really like that kind of thing. I would love a rock block like that to be honest. I can only dream. lol

(And I’m not talking marble)


I’m a big fan of machined. I like the steampunk feel. I wish we had more stuff in that style


Sounds like we just need more of everything! Variety is the spice of life after all! I’m excited to get home and check my prestige for my beacons.


To be fair, it’s not that I don’t like the block itself. I’m generally of the mindset that every block has it’s use. In this case, it’s just way overused in my opinion, especially when there are entire builds almost entirely of it.


beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in my opinion :wink:


And the eye is the holder of the bee beauty.

Wait, that’s not right…


Or in the eye of the beer holder! :wink: Drink enough and my settlement might start looking pretty good! Or give you a way worse hangover… hard to say…


Beckon would be good for that since there is a ton of water. Or i believe maryx has a bunch of big water masses


I am one who could care less and doubt mine will have went up, unless it would be from the wood and plants I have put out. With a lighthouse that should be made out of stone it is one solid build of ashen blue stone. floors and stairs are of wood from other planets.

My worry would be my shops, I need to be over the 10k to get the footfall and with the little that I sell that is my main source or income. Now that they N. L. Market is closed and Sky Express is new I’m not getting as much. G. Mall I get ■■■■, too many shops selling food and I am at the back so not as much traffic. When Aenea (not sure I spelled her name right, sorry) opens her new market I will be making a new shop of centraforge ingredients to sell.


This prestige update is weird. I’m replacing all my Iron beams and poles with Titanium beams and poles and seem to be losing prestige, then gaining a little, then losing it again. I’m guessing that by the time I’ve finished, It’ll basically be the same as it was with the Iron stuff.

Titanium is 3 grades above Iron. Shouldn’t I be seeing a boost? Or are all Beams and Poles treated the same in prestige considering the crafting process is the same?

It’s no big deal but I’m still a bit confused . com.


Could it be due to them all being the same material, titanium? If you could add some that would be a mix of titanium, some gold and decorative wood, stone and gleam, some plants it could make a difference. Maye not much but some.