So, prestige changes...are we ready? do you care?


Yep, got most of that list covered. Refined Silver, deco wood, 3 types of brick, gleam, foliage, grass. Deco Gems. I’m using the beams and poles as fences/railings and I’ve using both stylish and plain beams.


That looks nice, I am thinking of doing something like around my alts base, to give it some distinction from just a rectangle box, LOL



Never under estimate the potential of a rectangle box. It’s just waiting for the loose bits to be swept away to reveal the masterpiece that lays beneath. (A wise man once said that, apparently) :slight_smile:

Could be a false alarm on the prestige thing. I think the system is just taking it’s time making the calculations and updating the read-out. Sitting afk for a moment after replacing a few more beams and checking the prestige, resulted in an increase after checking a second time.

So yea, it’s all good. :slight_smile:


I love adding in the compact in to offset it for contrast. I know some people don’t like the reflection for the refined, but I personally love it.


So I was doing some testing and I swear yesterday the prestige and chisel bonus were in the debug window. I can’t for the life of me find it now. @james did you guys remove it or did I just disable it somehow? I get removing the chisel bonus and maybe I’m the only one who used it to monitor in real-time as I built but it’s sort of reverse QoL to wait whatever it is (30 or 60 secs) and go through the menus to “places” to see it.

Also for my own beacons, they don’t show up at the top under “Current Beacon”. If someone else owns the Beacon it will show up at the top under “Current Beacon”. If anything, this should be the other way around.

Maybe this wont affect most people, but if you have dozens or more of beacons, the debug menu showing prestige is really helpful instead of clicking and scrolling to find it.


Not sure what you mean.

Current beacon is only for beacons that are not your home. Any of your secondary beacons, or anyone else’s beacon, will be under “current beacon”.

But if you are home that doesn’t appear because it’s redundant.


Any beacon that isn’t my home beacon but that I own, are not showing up under “current beacon”.

I should also point out that they are guild aligned (but I still own them). so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.


For me it got difficult to reach 10000 prestige in small shops. Looks like it’s now really difficult to reach the required 10000 with something nice looking with only 1 or 2 plots.

Thankfully it’s easily fixed by sprawling machined iron over your build…


I went through the debug menus yesterday many many times trying to look for these and couldn’t find them either :frowning:

But speaking of reflections, why is timber and up so shiny, refined especially looks pretty bad from further away when the LOD hits, it’s just a reflective wall. Close up timber looks like its plastic wrapped :sweat_smile:


I remember somewhere awhile ago there was talk of removing the beacon breakdown of attributes from the debug menu.
whether this was to stop us “gaming” the system or just to save us poor simple oorts from the confusion of how things work, who knows…


I’ve tried a quick test setup.

Tint from the planet

Single exotic tint

Each block in a different exotic tint

Same block type, 4 walls, same ground (12 prestige).
In this setup the variation in tints didn’t make any difference.

Marble Blocks

Thank you for testing this.


This is very useful knowledge, thanks for sharing this :+1:


Overall, I took note of all my beacons, and I saw about a 5% gain on the lowest end, and a 12% gain on the highest one (my home beacon, I knew it would climb the best since it has an attached garden). I use as little as 4 materials/colors in some of those builds and I am gaining prestige just fine.

I haven’t tested with a single plot but that’s mostly because the smallest shop I’ve built is 4 plots. I use three colors total and the blocks I use are meta-Brick, deco-igneous, shop stands, and Gleam lanterns . I chisel the ceiling to be only a half block, with a 3/4 boarder block around the edge. I also chisel “divots” into my floors to make the natural pattern stand out more. With these materials (granted some work goes into them) I hit 10k very fast. This design saw a gain of about +5% prestige after the update.