Some New Player Incentives To Keep Interest Up

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I had been thinking about incentives that can be given to players on occasions to help boost moral and encourage player inspiration.

Maybe an incentive program could be introduced where the developers give out some valuable items, not rare, but something shiny enough to make us feel like we are being thought about.

One idea I have is a monthly item that is gifted to each user that is not experience points, coin, or cubits. I was thinking like a 900 Smart Stack of items we would use up quickly such as sticks, soft coal, foods, boons, and possibly potions. And we can choose to utilize in our own way, craft, cell, save.

Maybe one month it will be a 9 Smart Stack of a tool or weapon that the developers want to encourage use with to stimulate stats and user behaviours.

Just a thought. :thinking:

How about making things we can wear…

For example red hats with Make Boundless Great Again!


Please don’t bring politics to my happy place :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I get the objective you are going for here, but I don’t think giving players 900 items of anything would be a good incentive. Perhaps a fun little cosmetic item once every month or two from a distant Oortian traveler or something, but not 900 items.


Or better yet only to members of the Gleam Club who are supporting the Developers or also to those who have made a Cubit purchase during the past 30 days

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IMO this is a “mixed bag”.

It doesn’t encourage continuous gameplay, but it does encourage periodic logins to collect and sell the giveaway items. It also creates a sense obligation for some types of person who usually complain that this sort of incentive “forces them to log in regularly or they will miss out / fall behind”.

P2W FTW!!!

LOL I have learned so many new quirks about ‘gaming communities’ since I came here.


I agree with the current Developer solution to this - provide great new content and bring in new systems or revamp broken systems that help increase adoption of the game and player retention.

For me, giving things like this feels like a bribe or some other way of trying to “get people to like the game.” If people enjoy the game they will stay. If they are not coming to the game or staying - then something is wrong that needs to be fixed. No amount of “gifts” will solve this – only solving the root issue will.


To play with your idea, perhaps rotating spikes in Crysominting prices. But then that might encourage stockpiling everything till that item is ‘selected’. Could be good, could be bad

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It’d be awesome to get a random cosmetic :smiley:
maybe even cosmetic pets :dog2::cat2::bird::horse_racing::elephant:


Or do both? Non GC members get something, GC members get that AND something else, which is a tad more worthwhile…

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Boundless is already rather great! Always room for improvement tho!


We need that double XP, double coin, double oort drop weekend thing to happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With Gleam Meteor Showers :star::ringer_planet:


i would love a double xp weekend


Only if we can also have Bernie Sanders statues


Nope…neither one.

Ootizens know nothing of these odd, strange Earthlings you both are speaking of. Oortizens are too busy exploring their beautiful, vast worlds - building aesthetic structures & great farms - preparing for a spooky harvest and dreaming about Gleambows.


Haha I was just kidding anyway

As far as player incentives go, I have a lattice contest about to end (300k in prizes), a build contest just starting at Legendville mall (1 million in prizes) and I’m paying people 25k to open shops at Legendville Mall :blush:


It would be nice to be somewhere that the current toxic political atmosphere didn’t exist. This forum unfortunately is no longer that place.


Doesn’t the user icon already do that? Honestly I don’t even understand how it’s allowed.


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