Some pictures wont show in old threads

I find it really enoying cas i cant see eny pictures on old threads plz fix?

Link the broken threads and some leaders will fix it.

I cant link all of em its like all threads over 150 days or something

I think you can open the image up in a new tab and delete the S from http s://

Its all threads from when the forum was called Oort online. When you encounter a thread where you want to see the pictures just ask a leader and we will fix it, there are no global fix and going through 300+ threads isn’t really on my list of thingsI want to do.

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Ah lol i understand that but now you atleast have something to do when your bored

Been doing repairs on 'em as I find 'em.

Thanks mate

The 2 most important categories (Devlog and Announcements) have been fixed already.

If you find any others that you really want to see the images on, as @Thorbjorn42gbf said, just give one of the forum Leaders a nudge and we’ll do our best to fix them up to their former glory! :wink:

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i really like to see pictures here again WorldBuilder Works In-Progress Showoff

Yay thanks fir fixing the pictures

Found a avnotering thread i would like to se picturs in again this sounds intresting The Missing Shape

Thanks once again

Hmm this actually reminds me, we should have everyone with the leader badge be fit in a group so we can be @mentioned


No worries - sorry I forgot to mention that I had done it for you! (I was short on time after racing rc cars in the car park during my lunch break :wink: )

That sounds fun