Some suggestion to create the dungeon without too many effort for devs (I guess)

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I think a lot of players still waiting for dungeon system.
Instead of creating a brand new system I wonder why not we just do some modification to the meteor hunt, so it can become Boundless unique dungeon system.

  1. Change lvl 5 or higher meteor to dungeon meteor.

  2. At the last monster, increase the size to giant size, and make it more difficult to kill, only level 5 or higher meteor you can trigger the boss monster spawn. And players can get more drops and some unique drop by killing the boss monsters.

  3. Boss monster can have some area debuff depends on which element it has, and those debuff can not cure by forge bombs

  4. When dungeon meteor get trigger, weather may change to some annoying one like snowing / raining, foggy weather. so players are hard to see and the difficulty will increase as well.

  5. Improving the combat system, right now we have only have 2 role in meteor group hunt which are damage and support. (slingbow / healing bomb/ revive brew for most people use)
    I think adding the control role to the hunt system will bring more fun, right now we have grapple and knock effect forge bomb, and some slow debuff on forge slingbow.
    But most of them are single target control effect. If we can add more area control effect like freeze / stun / knock off / sleep / pull …etc to each type of gear, it should create more ways to organize the hunt by the hunting guild. Maybe some skill to taunt the monster, so tanky build is more useful during the hunt.

  6. Decrease the slingbow’s damage, and make the range longer. Also increase bomb’s damage and adding a forge effect to removing the damage to blocks.

It will provide more build for hunt:

  • Tank build with bomb on hand so they can still dealing aoe damage,
  • Berserker build (low def) with some aoe strong damage by bomb but it require better dodge skill
  • Range dps sniper build hide in far distance to do the continue damage.
  1. Balance the current falling damage formula, right now I feel its like % damage to player’s hp, so if your hp is less you get more benefit which doesn’t make sense. (Low hp regen faster), I think either increase the hp regeneration for high hp build or lower the % of falling damage to high hp build.

This idea maybe for some people is not like dungeon because we only stay at one area to kill monsters, but usually people do hunt in like 1 hour at least, with this system we can kill at least 4 type of boss monster + random element area effect for every single dungeon meteor.
It will require players to create strategy when they forcing those boss monster, and during 1 hour of hunting you can meet so many different boss monsters and it will looks like a dungeon.

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Cool ideas! I’d love to see boss monsters.

Maybe portal based dungeons could work like the portal dungeons in diablo 3 (I forget what they’re called), where you can pay to spawn a portal to a randomized dungeon of a set difficulty. None of the blocks in there would be collectible, thus allowing the devs to use cool mats!

Would certainly NOT be a “dungeon” in ANY sense of the word, but indeed as DK says, a “boss” fight.

To me, the game doesn’t need a mere “band-aid quick fix”. The PvE part of the game needs an overhaul.

Well, if you make the exo world smaller which for players to finish it in 30 min, it will be extremely close to most game’s dungeon system I think.

Definitely a few interesting ideas here!

I know this has been discussed before,but The one I’d like to see most, would be a random spawn über creature that would spawn on a specific world at random times. No trash mobs, just the one large world boss.

So you’re sitting at your farm watering your crops then, over world chat you see, "CrookedHorn is up (x,y coordinates) It’s these world bosses that I’m lured to most.


Also, for the boss monsters I mention above, i don’t think it should be new type of monsters at the moment, we can just use the existing types we have on current world and just increase the size.
I think it will be easier for devs to make it happen, and we can add more new monster in future.

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Using existing meteor event mechanics: when discovering a region while underground (caves), instead of triggering a meteor, trigger a portal that sucks players in and warps them to a dungeon-like location.

Location could be of Sanctum size, -ish (I don’t mean actual sanctum the way it is, but the entire area available to build there in the editor, which is larger than the space you can see as a player), and be filled with a few interconnected caves, or a temple-like build with rooms and different levels, or dungeon like build etc.

Existing sanctum editor could allow player-made locations to be admitted to devs to be used for the event, although some auto-generated locations would be probably better, to avoid getting the same a few times.

Individual parts of the entire locations (rooms, caves) would have progressively more difficult creatures to beat. Traps would be a nice addition, as well as grapple/jump challenging spots to navigate.
Final room would have the main loot box, but a few lesser ones could be hidden around in different spots to discover (maybe walk away with some loot if the main proves to hard to get to).

This shares a lot of similarities to my suggestion I made many months ago:

I am yet to see a dev response on the idea.

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I like world bosses in every game…
This would make me wanna participate in hunting more.

Altough i think there could be artifact or so that you can gather from these boss mobs… you could use these to make X or if it would be consumable it could give 50%more everything for lets say 1hr?


I think boss creatures should drop a gem or lucent item - random item with 5 maxed forge perks. Something like that.

Entirely dislike genre concept of “boss” fights. Been there done that

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Some Dolls may be interesting too, like wildstocks doll, hopper doll …etc depends on which type boss monster you defeat. Low drop rate, for decoration :slight_smile:

Do you have another suggestion, perhaps? Don’t have to like boss encounters but combat is pretty boring and people want more.

I’ll take anything to make combat more interesting


Maybe make the surface of the dungeon exoworld a big grid. Each grid would have a big hole in the center that leads to a dungeon. There would be corridors with parkour (temple run style without the evil monkeys chasing you) and rare loot rooms with big gleam crystals (each crystal is a different color. ideal for farming). Sometimes, there are boss rooms with enhanced elite creatures (2x larger, 5x hp, 1.5x stats.) Looting these dungeons would be worth it!

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