Someone is trying to impersonate as me

Hello everyone,

there is someone who tries to impersonate as me Hashmalash

here is screen from the guild book. this person even wants to join my guild.
This is not one of my alts. So all be warned. This player is not me.

Im tagging you guys as JaceyLive suggested so u know about this.
@Havok40k @Simoyd @KushChapo @the-moebius @AmandaPan @Pfiffel @Lawrizze @Gorillastomp @Mittekemuis @decuire

i cant tage the restr cause of tag limit per post :frowning:


Damn. Have you already contacted the devs? You should immediately show this to @james

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I take it you have already DM a dev, and are just warning others that this individual is not you?

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Maybe tag other guild leaders @Hashmalash just in case people don’t see this post

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good advice ill do this. thanks.

good thing we all know the REAL Hashmalash so the wannabe can’t do too much harm

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yes i did informed James


thats how i look ingame :smiley:



I wish I had sweet wings and flipper feet…


me too :smiley: well maybe we could get addons like this in the future ;D

I’m just waiting for the impersonator to now copy your exact body, colors, tats and head gear.

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well good luck to him :smiley: he wont copy guild tag :smiley:

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Lol true, they removed the ability to hide a hidden _ blank space in a guild tag.

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yeah thankfully its not possible anymore

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thanks for the heads-up

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At least it is not Hashnnalash or Hashmallash that could cause more problems.

Always try to identify player to be one they claim if they ask permissions for some strange reason and they should already have those!

Wow, that’s just as bad as people trying to impersonate your guild, happened to me a few weeks back.

Am sure the devs will find out who this is and delete this character…

Well, they can, just add an extra space in front of it…

They did? Are you sure about that?

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Wow. It’s even more weird that they were trying to join your guild. Didn’t they know you’d see it? lol

@james is it possible to add the same filter/block to usernames/beacons that was placed on Guild names?

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Shoulda at least been creative and named the char Harshmallarsh. Is there even a rule against this?