Sovereign Biomes for plants/fungus?

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Hey there oortians!

I’ve really been considering purchasing my own sovereign - mostly for farming various plants, flowers, and fungus. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on what biomes to choose?

Since I’m wanting to collect all plant types (including stardrops, trumpet roots, and traveler’s perch) I reckon i need at least a T5 with a good mix of ice, mud, gravel, and fields etc.

But aside from “flower field” in the biome selection - does anyone know specific biome names to look out for?

TY in advance!

Here’s what i have in mind so far:
Updated: 4.12.21 - Attempting perfection

T6 Corrosion - water fluids and atmosphere should theoretically allow for all plant types.

Level 4 Biomes (x2) (one extra)

  • Gleam Lake - Gleam
  • Ice Crack - Waxcap and Stardrop

Level 5 Biomes (x3)

  • Desert Canyon - Spineback, Oortian Staff, Desert Sword, Aloba
  • Maze - Waxcap and Stardrop
  • Ice Levels - Stardrop

Level 6 Biomes (x5)

  • Desert Overhangs - Oortian Staff, Desert Sword, Aloba, Spineback
  • Island Trees - Glowcap, tinted burst, traveler’s perch?
  • Stone Pillars - Perch/Waxcap
  • Flat Top - Grassy area
  • Kong Island- Water/Trees

Level 7 Biomes (x3)

  • Cube Field - Mud, Rosetta, Oortian Staff, Fungi
  • Bridge Islands - Branch Fuunnel?
  • Floating Island Paradise - Replaced stunted ice.

Level 8 Biomes (x1)

  • Cube Sample - Foliage
  • (removed Olympus)

Think that should pretty much do it!

Oortian Staff - Mud biomes also great for this on T4+ planets as are sand

Stardrop Plant & Weeping Waxcap Fungus - Maze 1 (my favorite) and Ice Cracks


Thank you!

I know there’s a biome out there with enormous amounts of lush foliage - either in the water or in the sky. That’s a pretty good way to get glowcap, tinted burst, and trumpet root. But I’m not familiar with what the biome name is.

Also - I know traveller’s perch spawns in various places - but I’ve seen the largest quantities in gravel/ash zones. Again - just need the names.

I’ll probably purchase the planet and browse the biome names for a bit before deciding. But any other tips are appreciated!

Travelers perch, tinted burst and glowcaps- Island trees


Purchased the planet and was looking at the biomes on the order form.

T6 Planet would start the build at Level 4 Biomes minimum - which would exclude flower fields. So I’ve decided to go with T5. I was considering either T5 Blast, or T5 chill. But if i go with Chill I’d need to throw in mountains to make it worthwhile. So I’m thinking Blast is probably better, yea?

I have a few leftover questions:

  1. Can anyone confirm what biome has best chance of branch funnel fungus? I know it needs water/rivers…
  2. Clustered Tongue, and mottled tar-spot fungus are plentiful on mud - but i don’t have access to Mud Flats on a T5. Any alternative recommendations? Does anyone know the biome for mud caves?
  3. Other than island trees - any other option for traveler’s perch?
  4. Generally speaking - is this enough biomes? or should i add some more for variety? Meadows for grass, Redwood forest for timber…

On 2, Cube Field at Lv. 7 spawns on mud.

On the type of world, Chill spawns the most Stardrops. I know Burn doesn’t spawn those and all, I forget if Blast does or not but I don’t specifically remember Stardrops on Blast worlds.

Island Trees my favorite collecting biome for sure, the canopies of them are also safe if not connected to land or gleam.

Desert Overhangs, Lv 6, can be pretty good for collecting.

Lv 5 Cube Hills seems good for both Stardrops and Sapphire on a chill.

Maze 2 might be better than Flying Foliage at Lv. 6. I have a Blast with this, Hyrule, if you want to see it, but it is made of leaves. Flying Foliage I’ve seen some variation on how it spawns, you might get little bits of it in the air that aren’t as good for farming.

Snowy Redwoods is a nice biome since you get both the trees and ice for Stardrops.


Yaaaas ty so much. This is exactly the info i need.

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I was considering doing a chill world - but then thought I’d need to throw in mountains if i wanted to farm any sapphire. Then again - i could just farm sapphire on someone else’s planet.

How many biomes do you recommend in general? I don’t want to overdo it and then not get what I’m looking for…

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Yeah, you’ll need high elevation for Sapphire, but not TOO high (sapphires are at like 90-140 alt IIRC) - I actually rolled a T5 Chill recently to play with that part a bit (there is a portal to it in the Paka’s Diamond Mine on Serp, planet is Aurora). For example, if you were to roll a T6, at Lv 8 there is a biome called Olympus that is GREAT for Topaz and Diamond, gives massive mountain hotspot (high for Topaz, deep for Diamonds), but it is so high that for sapphires you end up with rings of sapphire hotspot around the edges. Some high elevation biomes though are good for both Sapphire and Stardrops. But yeah, could always just farm sapphire at my hub or somewhere, they’re pretty easy. :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t go much over the minimum on the biomes and usually stick to that. I figure it keeps the ones I have a little larger. Also, biomes can merge with each other, and sometimes merges can have neat and great results, but it can go the other way as well (like, if going for rubies on a burn you really want to avoid all high elevation biomes since they can merge into others, raising them and ruining them for rubies).

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Maze 1 is also a great height for sapphire in addition to the stardrops and weeping waxcaps.


Thank you @bucfanpaka and @Soju-VB for the advice! I’ll take another pass at the biome list and try to keep it to the minimum number of biomes.

Think I’ll switch to a chill world if it’s better for star drops and wax caps.

With your tips I think I can put together a good list for most things. The only thing I’m not certain of would be branch funnel fungus. Does this just spawn in rivers? Or any success in finding those?

I know there’s a good spot on Besevrina I think - lamella trail. And that may be the island rings…

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The rivers themselves tend to hold a lot of branch funnel if they can spawn on the planet type (I am not sure all planet types support them). Really just shallow water seems to be best for gathering them.


Thanks! That’s what I was hoping. Just need to choose a decent river type to give them some space.

Clustered tongue and mottled tar-spot fungus will spawn in mud right? So if I take the cube field that should cover them…

Ok done! Placed the order. If Anything doesn’t work out i can always try again next month once the fuel runs out.

BTW- Once it’s released how can you tell if any of the colors are new/unlocked?

I use daily - is that the best way to check?

So the planet has spawned! It is called “Ardanus I” and it’s located off of Altnitans. No new colors that i know of except perhaps the initial gravel color (silk turquoise). But I’ve ready set the colors to what I’m looking for.

Pretty happy with the planet in general - but not sure I’ll keep it. Plenty of stardrops but not weeping waxcap fungus :frowning: and no desert plants at all (spineback, oortian staff, desert sword, or traveler’s perch). I’m wondering if that’s because it’s a chill planet?

If chill planets can’t spawn desert plants - then all the desert biomes I chose are pointless. So i can either re-roll T5 chill with some different choice - or re-roll as a different type planet.

Can anyone confirm if all plant types spawn on blast planets? Maybe I’ll come check out Hyrule @bucfanpaka. Or scour Sepenserendi… If i can’t get all plants on one planet I’ll have to prioritize…

Already set up a portal via TNT Alnitans - and a public regen farm for Gleam (Cool Tan). Stop by if you want to check it out!

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Please feel free to check out my network at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, have all the types there! :slightly_smiling_face: They are all T6 though- on the weeping waxcaps that was the problem I believe, as they are definitely on T6 chills. Apologies on the Desert plants, didn’t realize that if so. :anguished: I also have a few T5s in Paka’s Diamond Mine via TNT Serp you can check out.

Corrosive might be a good choice too, very profitable mining though you lose some land of course, pretty good collecting too.

No apologies necessary! A little trial and error doesn’t hurt.

I think Waxcap should spawn on T5s. I know there’s plenty on Besevrona. Not sure why there’s none on Ardanus.

I’ll enjoy this planet while i have it - and try again in March. In the meantime I’ll do some more exploring - will def. make a visit to the Pakaverse :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: On the waxcaps, must be they spawn on certain T5s but not others then… :thinking:

@bucfanpaka I took a trip around Hyrule today! Beautiful planet… and soooo many mushrooms… lol.

I did find oortian staff and desert sword. But was unable to locate a desert. So I’m not sure if there were any spineback cactus. But i can confirm that waxcaps spawned there.

I also noticed a huuuuuge ash field. Tons of traveler’s perch, and some waxcaps. Do you know the name of that biome?

Since waxcaps spawn on ash - I’m thinking they may need more arid climates. Is it possible that a chill world is too “wet” for arid plants?

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Salt flats most likely.