Sovereign World 6k - Atlas Mapping dont work correct

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the mapping from Sovereign World, is buggy.

I have complet the world with 64/64

but if i look on atlas I miss 11 from the 64 regions on the atlas

most of the orange marker are from the missing regions

relog dont help, anyone has a idea what can help ?

Support topic

Atlas Regions not mapping
Sovereign World 6k - Atlas Mapping dont work correct
Atlas Not Exposing Discovered Regions on

there are several posts mentioning this already, we just gotta wait for a bugfix or a patch before unlocking regions on a 6km planet works proper.

Hang in there buddy! lets hope its fixed soon!

yes i hope this too

ps: the second link is this topic ^^

lol didnt even notice that but ehh btw, they fixed the atlas problem in the most recent patch that rolled out today :wink:

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